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What is your favourite Minecraft block?

What is your favourite Minecraft block?

Originally Answered: What is the best Minecraft block?n It depends on what you mean by u201cthe bestu201dnThatu2019s why Iu2019ll give a few more blocks than just one.

Iu2019ll talk about:

  • The most useful block
  • The most beautiful block
  • The deadliest block
  • The funniest block
  • The most advanced block

  • The most useful block

    The most useful block would be the crafting table,

    this is because, without it, you wouldnu2019t be able to craft anything.n(Except when you are in creative mode)

    The most beautiful block

    This is a tough choice, Iu2019d say either a diamond block or the concrete blocks

    The diamond block because itu2019s very shiny and you can be a show-off to your friends by showing how rich you are.

    And the concrete blocks, here I just show the white one, because the colors are very even, with no disruption whatsoever. This is very useful for floors or walls in a modern house.

    The deadliest block

    This one is either lava or the magma block

    It depends on whether you think lava is a block or not.nIf lava is considered a block, then that one is the deadliest.nIf lava is considered a liquid, then the magma block is the deadliest.

    The funniest block

    Iu2019m gonna go with the block User-13415885610449341362 said, the slime block.

    Itu2019s bouncy if you jump down and:n- do nothing, you get bounced back very highn- hold shift, you get damage, and if you jumped from a high place, you dien- hold the space bar, you bounce a little and stay where you are, without taking damage

    The most advanced block

    This one is either the command block or the dispenser.

    The command block is pretty obvious, it can do loads of stuff. But since you canu2019t obtain it in survival, I also mentioned the dispenser.

    You may think, why the dispenser?nWell, thatu2019s because it does various things:n- It shoots arrowsn- It drops most items (more like launches)n- It equips armorn- It places down Shulker Boxesn- It dispenses water and lava out of the bucketn- It puts bone meal on cropsnThatu2019s quite a list, and maybe thereu2019s more I couldnu2019t think of.

    Images from Google.nThanks for reading my answer.

    Edit: Over 3k views and into the Digest from over a 1000 people... I never expected this from just my second answer... Thanks. A lot.

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