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WW1 Addon (The Eastern Front)

WW1 Addon (The Eastern Front)
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Ever wanted an addon that turns your world into a World War 1. Ever wanted custom WWI battles. Well, you come to the right addon! Turn your world into one of the greatest Conflicts in Human History! Made by Voyage Games!
It features The Western Front, The Middle East Front, The Italian Front and The Eastern Front!

This Addon contains content that may not be suitable for younger players.
If you would like to use this for any use for example (Maps) Please let me know before you use it.
What's this addon have?
This addon has two factions the Allies and the Central Powers. They are fully 3D modeled, all models are by me. You can spawn in the Allies and Central Powers and they'll fight each other. It also has guns seen in The Great War and War Rations.
Entente Powers
British Empire
The Republic of France
The United States
The Central Powers
The German Empire
Austro Hungarian Empire
Weapons and Items
There are guns and food items that were used in The Great War!
It features three 3D modeled tanks from World War 1, you can drive the tanks!
There are Shell Shock Soldiers and POW Soldiers you can spawn!
New Western Front Update, Two New Armies! V1.0.1
Entente Powers
Central Powers
Kingdom of Bulgaria
Middle East Front! All-New Front! V1.1.0
Central Powers
The Ottoman Empire
The Entente Powers
New Zealand
British Raj
Italian Front V1.2
The Entente Powers
The Kingdom of Italy
New Guns
Added Eight New Weapons!
Added 6 Uniforms with 3D helmets!
The Eastern Front Update V1.3
The Entente Powers
The Russian Empire
Updates to Armies
Central Powers
Added New Winter Variance for Germany and Austria
Added Pilots to Both The Entente and The Central Powers
For the First Time in this addon we added a 3D gun (The SMLE), but Note that the 3D gun is very early in development expect bugs
We Added 6 New Weapons
Added 2 New Uniforms, 3 New Hats, and a Pilot Jacket and Headgear


-Install both the Resource Pack and Behavior Pack.

Supported Minecraft versions

  • 1.16.210 (beta)
  • 1.16.201
  • 1.16.200
  • 1.16.101



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Dex Stars -Call OF Duty Gamerz
Dex Stars -Call OF Duty Gamerz 12 October 2022 20:32
Where is resource pack?