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Mod on weapons "Techguns"

Mod on weapons "Techguns"
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Techguns adds modern weapons to Minecraft, as well as generated buildings-military bases (with security)! In order to capture such a base, you will need a powerful Arsenal and equipment, all of which you will find in this mod.


  • 3D models of weapons
  • Animation of reloading and recoil of weapons
  • The flash from the gun
  • First and third person views

Damage system

  • Different damages depending on the type and quality of armor

Effects of death

  • Violent effects such as dissolved or gorebbed blood
  • Disabled by default in the settings


  • New hostile armed NPC
  • Turrell (Gun Tower)


  • Skins and 3D models
  • Different armor features, such as increased resource extraction speed or walking speed
  • New Additional Slots
  • Face slot for a gas mask
  • Rear slot for paraglider or jetpack
  • New Chuck Slots
  • New slots for automatic food eating


  • New devices for processing new materials:
  • Cartridge press
  • Metal press
  • Chemical Laboratory
  • Repair stand

Repair Techguns armor here. The armor cannot be destroyed but becomes useless at 0 strength.

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For Minecraft versions


+ and higher.

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