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What are the best Minecraft builds?

What are the best Minecraft builds?

A quick google search shows us a few impressive builds.

However, all this builds pales in comparison to what I am about to show you.

Prepare yourself, cause what I am going to show you is truely the pinnacle of Minecraft builds. Anyone who is able to wield the power of the all mightyu2026drumrolls pleaseu2026

The all powerful dirt shack

Now before you go screaming at me, I know. A single dirt shack is not that impressive.

I mean even beginners can do this. However, when you progress the game, you find a more powerful dirt shack, the double dirt shack. I am not talking about 2 single dirt shack. No. I am talking about this.

Impressive, you may say if you only knew the single shack. However this is just like an iron sword. Decent, but not good or rare. Countless of people have done this. But we can go further.

Introducing, the triple dirt shack.

This is as far as I can go. My game will literally crash if I go further. You simply need too high of an architectural level to go further, not even a Phd can help.

There is 1 survivor in the history of Minecraft who is capable of building the quadruple dirt shack. And his name is technoblade. The guy with too many wins on Minecraft monday in fact can build the all mighty quadruple shack. He have on display this strength once, however it is rumoured he have been practicing it to get good at Minecraft and win Minecraft monday again. Only one surviving image of this absolute unit of a build remain. Viewer discretion is advised.

Legend has it that one day, someone will build a quintuple shack and restore balance to the world. And when that day comes, Technoblade will finally die.


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