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What are some cool mods for Minecraft?

What are some cool mods for Minecraft?

This isnu2019t a singular mod but, in my opinion, its the single best mod-pack in history, for Minecraft.

Tekkit - On the Technic Platform


What does this mod-pack allow you to do?

I donu2019t even know where to begin with this one, so Iu2019ll just start here.


That is a series of pumps, that pump oil out of the ground and into the large tanks you see in the photo.

This mod-pack also adds a ton of different ores to mine, for its complex crafting schemes.

Ok? Oil, new ores, Big deal, what can you even do with them?


Wanna go to the moon?

And this.

Thatu2019s an automated quarry. Ohhhhhh but it doesnu2019t end there.

Those are computers .

This doesnu2019t even begin to scratch the surface of the mod-pack. What Iu2019ve mentioned is 1% of itu2019s content at best. There are robots, machines, nuclear power, automated everything, volcanoes, and so much more.

If youu2019ve never heard of Tekkit, now is the time.



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