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What is the most powerful weapon in Minecraft?

What is the most powerful weapon in Minecraft?

There are a lot actuallyu2026 One of the hardest to get is a Power V Bowu2026

Got no armor? Then one shot from this and youu2019re deadu2026 Got Leather Armor? Youu2019re still probably going to get 1-shottedu2026 Got Chainmail or Gold Armor? Well you got a chanceu2026 But youu2019re going to last more than 2 shotsu2026 Iron Armor? Maybe 3 shotsu2026 Diamond? Youu2019re dead in 5 shotsu2026

This bow also will instantly kill zombies, skeletons, spiders, witches, drowned, husks, endermites, zombie pigmen, ghasts, cave spiders, bats, sheep, wolves, pigs, chickens, parrots, cats, ocelots, phantoms, magma cubes (Depends on size), Slimes (Depends on size)u2026 So pretty much anything that isnu2019t a bossu2026

Another OP item?

A Tridentu2026

Unlike the bow, it can be also used for mobilityu2026 Another pro? You donu2019t need arrows, if thrown, it can return itself, and it can also hit more than one mob in a single throwu2026 OPu2026

Another incredibly surprising item that can be incredibly deadly with the right circumstances?

A Minecraft bedu2026

It takes about 6 beds to kill the ender dragonu2026 Thatu2019s how op it isu2026 Now are you gonna have a ton of chances to kill other player or mobs with a bed though? Nou2026 But can it do a lot of damage?




Diamond Swords are also a good mention, but theyu2019re more widely known so donu2019t think much is needed about themu2026


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