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Is Minecraft safe for kids?

Is Minecraft safe for kids?

Well, now that is heavily dependent on what they do on Minecraftu2026

Sure, you can help out the local villagers,

But your child could also hack those poor people apart with swords.

Your child could build a lovely farm for all the wildlife, where they care and show love to the animals,

Or, they could hack the poor wildlife apart with a sword.

They could appreciate the beautiful, open world and landscape in Minecraft, that took years to generate and create,

Or they could ANNIHILATE the world's natural beauty.

Of course, this is all a joke.

Minecraft is a game aimed at kids - make them more creative, and even so they can meet new friends if they play online.

All in all, Minecraft is indeed a safe game for children - a game parents should maybe even encourage them to play, to develop their creativity and the like.

Plus, it'll hopefully shut them up for a few hours.


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