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Why are people so obsessed with Minecraft?

Why are people so obsessed with Minecraft?

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I am new to Minecraft, but I was hooked the moment I started it. Here is a visual why:

So I launch the game and this is where it sends me: (mouse left-click on the image to see it in full; the images are screenshots I took on my own computer)

Of all the places! No trees for wood

And I cannot even climb up.

What to do?

As you can see, I quickly made a wooden axe from what trees I found here. Now I am gonna get some rocks:


Now I can get weapons and tools made with rocks; they are faster and more durable — and they can inflict more damage:

I must quickly build a shelter so that the monsters don't attack me. I climb up somehow and carve a place in the walls:

I already feel good. Now I am gonna expand it a bit:

Put up a torch. Torches also repel some monsters:

Outside is dark, but I have work to do. Gotta get some more wood and rocks/concrete. I need to build many things. It is risky, but hey, what else am I gonna do?

I try to make a hole in a wall facing south (maybe south?). I keep at it to see if I can find a way out to the trees for wood:

Yup, it\u2019s a dark tunnel. Better light it up:

Much better. Now I can work. Let's keep going:

Finally! I see an opening.

Wow this looks even freakier. But there are trees, so let me cut some. I work until the break of dawn. As you can see I even built a door, holding in my hand:

Time to place doors, chests, workshops in important locations:

A chest is useful. It can keep things and if your player dies, it can still have those things. If you don't keep them in a chest, you lose your gains after your plays dies and respawns.

Look at all the things I have that I can use and also keep in a chest!

Now I am gonna build a ladder to my room:

Neat! Some more improvements are needed:

Now you know why it is so popular. :)


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