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OriginsPE - Origins & Classes - Bedrock Edition (Add-On)

OriginsPE - Origins & Classes - Bedrock Edition (Add-On)
Addons for Minecraft PE

Begin your Minecraft adventure, in a more unique way with the Origins add-on! Choose from the 15 different Origins at the start of the game, and up to 13 different Classes that affects your gameplay.

created by: r4isen1920 (Original: APACE100)

pack version: v3.0

Selection Screen

Once you load up your world with the add-on enabled for the first time, you are greeted with a selection screen where you can pick your Origin and class:

Choose your Origin

This is the first prompt that appears. Use the navigation buttons to cycle through the different available Origins that you can use. Click the "Select" button to pick that Origin.

Each Origin has their own gameplay impact based off of the usual vanilla gameplay. Hover or click on the display as shown below to know the Origin's gameplay impact:

Choose your Class

This is the second prompt that appears. Use the navigation buttons to cycle through the different available classes that you can apply for. Click the "Select" button to pick that class.

Each class has their own trait levels based off of the usual vanilla gameplay. Hover or click on the display as shown below to know the class's trait level:

The Origins

Origins dictates the player's source, it's essence - it's Origin! Each Origin possesses unique traits and abilities that the player can utilize in their adventures which makes the game more interesting.

List of Origins

The following lists all available Origins you can use, and their main traits:

1. Human ????

A regular human. Your ordinary Minecraft experience awaits. This Origin is for players who seeks the usual adventure, abiding by the essence of vanilla gameplay. Can also be combined with other classes but that of which provides additional smaller traits, for a different approach.

This Origin does not have any special abilities or traits.

2. Avian ????

The Avian race has lost their ability to fly a long time ago. Now these peaceful creatures can be seen gliding from one place to another. Avians are the agile Origin, allowing you to traverse from land to land quickly and is capable of gliding through the air even without the use of Elytras.


Can fall gently to the ground, taking no fall damage whatsoever.


Has increased ground movement speed.


Cannot consume meat foods.

[Trait]Fresh Air

Can only sleep at higher altitudes or Y-levels.

3. Arachnid ????️

Their climbing abilities and the ability to trap their foes in spiderweb make the Arachnid perfect hunters. For players who fight in the wild, or dungeon explorers who specialize in hunting and taking down mobs - hostile or not.

[Passive Ability]Webbing

Traps mobs in a cobweb that are attacked in melee temporarily. Has a short cooldown before it can be triggered again. 

[Trait]Web Cocoon

When standing in a cobweb, it'll mitigate a portion of damage received.


Allows climbing to any block as if it was a ladder.


Cannot consume plant-based foods.


Has 3 hearts less of health than usual. 

4. Elytrian ????️

Often flying around in the winds, Elytrians are uncomfortable when they don't have enough space above their head. Elytrians are soar through the skies and beyond, with nothing more than their wings that make it possible. A great choice for overground players.

[Active Ability]Gift of the Winds

Launches up high into the air, and can be utilized to gain enough traction for gliding. Has a cooldown before each use. 


Always equipped with an Elytra wing, and cannot be swapped nor removed and is kept on death.

[Trait]Aerial Combatant

Deals more damage while gliding mid-air.

[Trait]Need for Mobility

Wearing heavy armor, which is made of iron, gold or diamond material, is not suitable.


Being underground for quite some time makes the player weak, and slow.


[Trait]Brittle Bones

Takes twice the fall and kinetic damage, falling even from a small height is deadly.

5. Shulk ????️

Related to Shulkers, the bodies of the Shulk are outfitted with a protective shell-like skin. Is an Origin boasting it's protection and damage resistance, and an extra inventory space as well.

[Active Ability]Hoarder

Grants up to 9 more inventory slots for the player that is kept even on death.

[Trait]Sturdy Skin

Mitigates a decent portion of any kind of damage received.

[Trait]Strong Arms

Buffed constantly with haste and strength.

[Trait]Large Appetite

When not in full health, gets more hungry.


Cannot use or block with shields.

6. Feline ????

With their cat-like appearance, the Feline scare creepers away. With the dexterity of cats, they always land safely on their feet. This Origin can repel creepers, and of course fall damage. For players who wants a bit more peace in their mind.

[Trait]Strong Ankles

Take no fall damage no matter how far down.

[Passive Ability]Acrobatics

When sprinting, it gives the player jump boost.


Be able to see more clearly in the dark or at night, and granted with a bit of additional strength.

[Trait]Catlike Appearance

Creepers will try to stay away from you.

[Trait]Nine Lives

Has 1 heart less of health than usual. 

[Trait]Weak Arms

Without the right tools, the player would be either weak or mine slower.

7. Enderian ????

Born as sons and daughters of the Ender Dragon, Enderians are capable of teleporting but are vulnerable to water. Allows for instant traversal, this Origin allows you to teleport into a location you are looking at in a blink of an eye.

[Active Ability]Teleportation

Instantly moves from one location to another. Has a short cooldown before each use.

[Trait]Familiar Face

Endermans wont attack the player naturally even if the player makes eye contact without wearing any carved pumpkin.


Takes damage when it comes to contact with water.

8. Merling ????

These natural inhabitants of the ocean are not used to being out of the water for too long. The Merling Origin comes from the water, and what comes from water will stay on water. This Origin grants the player freedom to explore the ocean, but not on land.


Can breathe underwater indefinitely, but not on land. Water breathing potions work, however, for convenience.

[Trait]Conduit Power

You mine blocks underwater the same speed as on land, and see clearly.

[Trait]Sea Inhabitant

Sea monsters such as drowneds, guardians, and elder guardians wont naturally attack the player unless provoked.

[Trait]Like Water

Stays afloat naturally, and sink by sneaking.

[Trait]Ocean's Gift

Immune from all trident projectile damage.

9. Blazeborn ????

Late descendants of the Blaze, the Blazeborn are naturally immune to the perils of the Nether. For players who seek an immediate adventure to the depths of Nether, for once you select this as your Origin, you will be transported in a different dimension.

[Trait]Fire Immunity

Become immune from all kinds of fire damage.

[Active Ability]Burning Wrath

Once triggered, creates an explosion damaging nearby entities. Grants the player temporary movement speed, and damage boost. At the same time inflicting fire damage to nearby mobs. If the player dies while the ability is still in effect, it releases the remaining energy into an explosion, setting the surrounding entities on fire. Has a cooldown before each use.


Becomes immune from poison, fatal poison, and hunger status effect.

[Trait]Nether Inhabitant

Naturally spawn and start the game in the Nether.


Takes damage when it comes to contact with water.

10. Phantom ????

As half-human and half-phantom offspring, these creatures can switch between a Phantom and a normal form. Can traverse through blocks, and has it's own unique traversal techniques. But is an undead being that burns you at day.

[Active Ability]Phantom Form

Enters the phantom form, allowing the player to float and traverse through blocks and walls. In this state, the player is invisible but not it's username. The player cannot be able to touch, attack, or interact with the world while in this state. Uses the new spectator gamemode to function. Stay still once again for a few seconds until the bar disappears, to return back to material form.


Burns in daylight, and takes damage from healing potions - and heals from damage potions. Wearing hats and helmets will ease this effect.

11. Fox Spirit ????

This race of Spirit Foxes are, though weak in terms of vitality, they use their spiritual power to hide and strengthen their power. This Origin for players who likes to be playful, with pouncing as it's ability, it can catch through escaping foes or targets.

[Active Ability]Pounce

Leaps onto a certain direction the player is looking at. This ability has three different levels, with strength that scales from left to right. Upon land, creates a small AoE (area of effect) damage within the player's landing spot. Distance of leap and damage it deals scales from level.

[Passive Ability]Camouflage

When sneaking, mobs will not be aware of your presence and thus wont naturally harm you. However, if you have already been spotted, they will continue to chase you even if you sneak.

[Trait]Fast Footed

Smaller health, and smaller size makes up for quite an agile character. 

[Trait]Berry Craver

Eating Sweet Berries gives the player more saturation, and has a chance of giving regeneration effect. Moving in Berry Bushes also does not damage the player.

[Trait]Strong Ankles

Take no fall damage no matter how far down.

[Trait]Smaller Heart

Has 3 hearts less of health than usual.

[Trait]Fast Metabolism

Gets exhausted and hungry faster.

12. Slimecican ????

Part human, part slime. Very unpleasant to touch with your bare hands. Faithfully leaps and jumps over any mob, the versatility of this Origin is that it grants the player room for 3 chances - with 3 bars of lives.

[Active Ability]Super Jump

Jumps up a certain distance, then deals AoE (area of effect) damage upon land, knocking nearby mobs away. Has a short cooldown before each use. The strength of this ability scales on how much slime life bar you have, three being the strongest.

[Passive Ability]Fragmentation

Instead of dying, you shrink to a fragment of your size - along with your stats, such as health points and attack damage decreases. The player can eat a slime ball to recover the lost fragment. On the last bar, it's the player's final life and death will be inevitable.

[Trait]Sticky Body

Mitigates a great portion of fall damage, but not immune from it. In addition, entities that melees the player will be slowed. And any fatal damage that would've otherwise killed the player will be mitigated.

13. Inchling ????

Descendants of the smallest tribe, these creatures are as nimble as their size. Small but terrible Origin, that beats everything else when it comes to speed thanks to it's hyperness.


Become immune to all thorns and velocity-based damage. This includes fall damage, and flying through a wall using Elytra.

[Passive Ability]Hyper-Active

Consuming sugar greatly boosts movement speed temporarily. Consuming sugar also gives high amounts of saturation, requiring less food to keep going.


The player is way smaller than any other mob, along with it's hitbox.

14. Bee ????

Bees are cool. They fly and enjoy flowers and die. This Origin packs a punch when it comes to it's stinger, that is in return for it's life.

[Passive Ability]Stinger

Carries up to seven stingers. On each punch, a stinger is used and inflicts fatal poison damage to the target. Has a short cooldown before each stinger can be used. Once all the stingers are used up, the player is bound to perish and die. Holding Totems of Undying may come in handy, however, as it mitigates the damage caused by using stingers. On respawn, all the stingers are restored back and can only be restored this way.


Standing on any flower during the day, continually restores health and replenishes hunger.


The player will get weakened at night or in a bad weather, and lose the ability to melee and sting mobs.

[Trait]Short Lifespan

Has 3 hearts less of health than usual. 

15. Starborne ⭐

Being born from the stars, you are a nonviolent, star-obsessed, mysterious, and potentially powerful person that fell from the stars into this blocky world we live in. Is the ultimate and most powerful Origin. Use it's gifted power wisely.

[Passive Ability]Stress and Meditate

Stress builds up depending on the situation the player is in and will be. While moving, the player builds up stress and builds stress faster if is critically low on health. Staying and being idle also builds up stress, though very slowly. To diminish stress, the player must be staying still and then sneaking while their health is full. Should the stress be filled up, the player explodes dealing damage to it's surrounding.

[Active Ability]Hyper Leap

Rushes forth towards a certain the direction the player is looking at. Can be triggered on succession of up to four times and then cools down before it can be used again.

[Active Ability]Shooting Star

Calls forth a star projectile, dealing AoE (area of effect) damage on impact. Has a short cooldown before each use.

[Trait]Cosmic Gift

Has less gravity, and immune from all fall damage.

[Trait]Cold Vacuum

Deals twice the fire damage to the player.

16. Piglin ????

Dominant race of the Nether, these humanoid creatures uses their sheer brawn to stay in this hot and treacherous realm. Boasts its unique strength, while still having an impenetrable strength.

[Trait]Boasting Firepower

The player's melee attack damage is increased.

[Passive Ability]Resilience

The player gains stack defense, mitigating any damage taken of up to 50%.


Changing Origins

You can use the Orb of Origins to change your current Origin. Once you do, the orb will be consumed, except if you were a human Origin originally, and then the change will be broadcasted throughout the world in multiplayer.

Right now, the following are ways to obtain the Orb of Origins:

  • You can slay the Wither, and it would have 1 in 99 chance of dropping the item; or
  • Run the/give @s origins:orb_of_originscommand.


The Classes

Classes brings additional perks to be used with whatever Origin you may have. You can think of them as professions or jobs.

List of Classes

The following lists all available classes you can apply for:

  • Nitwit:no additional traits, just keep as is.
  • Archer:profound bow skills, allowing them to take targets down from a distance.
  • Beastmaster:a friend of the animals, granting tamed animals a permanent buff.
  • Blacksmith:excellent crafting skills for making equipment, maximizing efficiency and damage.
  • Cleric:experts at brewing, for creating more longer and potent potions.
  • Cook:gives cooked food more saturation, and craft stews and soups that may rejuvenate.
  • Explorer:travelers who traverse through biomes and terrain that does not deplete it's hunger easily for sprinting.
  • Farmer:utilizes a new custom copper hoe at their best, yielding more per harvest.
  • Lumberjack:can instantly take down an entire forest, and sometimes return the favor back to earth by replanting them.
  • Merchant:it's charisma allows villagers to haggle down their prices lower.
  • Miner:experienced excavators of the deep, allowing them to effectively mine more resources quicker.
  • Rogue:moves within the shadows, sneaking behind it's targets and dealing damage to them.
  • Warrior:the mightiest who favors in combat with great courage as it faces it's foes with strength scaling over time.

Resigning Class

You can use the Resignation Paper item to change or resign from your class. Once you do, the paper will be used, except if you were a nitwit class originally, and then the change will be broadcasted throughout the world in multiplayer.

Right now, you can only obtain the Resignation Paper by running the following command:

  • /give @s origins:resignation_paper


Preferences UI

You can also adjust some preferences for the add-on. Hover over an option in-game to learn more:




  • Developed, written, and coded byr4isen1920for Bedrock Edition.
  • Original concept and mod byAPACE100.


This pack is licensed under MIT LICENSE, inherited from the original work here. This means you can do whatever you wish with the pack. Giving me some exposure and credits would be very appreciated!

Additional Credits


Select version for changelog:

ChangelogView more

Changelog (v3.0):

This update aims to bring quality of life improvements, with the options menu you can have more control with the add-on, as well as bring bug fixes and general improvements.

[ Added the Piglin Origin ]

  • Introducing the Piglin Origin:boasting with both brute strength and impenetrable defense!
  • Inspired from the legendary Technoblade - whom we'll never forget.
  • Added additional easter egg when naming a pig to "Technoblade", it will become completely invulnerable from any damage.
  • This new Origin is added onto the Origins picker screen.

[ Preferences UI ]

  • You can access this through the Origins menu.
  • You can do the following through this menu:

[ General ]

  • View Origin: shows information about your current Origin
  • View class: shows informmation about your current class
  • [Toggle] Idle Particles: enable or disable particles to emit from your character (default: on)
  • Reset player: re-adds behavior components to hopefully fix any problems with your Origin

[ Administrative ]

  • Ban Origins: you can prevent any Origin from ever being chosen (default: none)
  • Ban classes: you can prevent any class from ever being selected (default: none)
  • Evict selections: when enabled, all online players must change their Origin/class if they have already chosen one that has just been banned (default: off)
  • [Toggle] Unique selection: only allow one Origin/class on a world per player (default: off)
  • [Toggle] Orb of Origins: enable Orb of Origins to be useable or not (default: on)
  • [Toggle] Resignation Paper: enable Resignation Paper to be useable or not (default: on)
  • [Toggle] Broadcast changes: announce in the chat when a player changes their Origin or resign from their class. (default: on)
  • Initialize All: reverts every online player's Origin back to what it was before

[ Origin changes ]


  • [Climbing] trait should now properly detect blocks in front of you; increased climbing speed; reduced fall damage.


  • Fixed an issue where the [Shulk Inventory] cannot be properly opened.


  • Blazeborn now properly teleports in the Nether.

Spirit Fox (Kitsune)

  • Foxes now properly picks up sweet berries dropped by a Fox Spirit Origin player.


  • [Stinger] cooldown bar now matches with the time of the actual cooldown.


  • [Hyper Leap] no longer gets triggered when jumping and sneaking at the same time.
  • [Shooting Star] projectile speed now travel twice as fast, and is deals twice more damage than it was before.

[ Class changes ]

  • Blacksmith's tools now properly breaks blocks at correct speeds.
  • Farmer's custom item [Copper Hoe] now makes the correct yield when harvesting crops.
  • Merchant class is now considered "Game-changing".
  • Miner's [Vein Mein] perk now mines ores properly as intended.

[ Other tweaks & bug fixes ]

  • All idle particles are now emitted through the client-side.  
  • Randomizer only now picks from available selections, in other words if an Origin or class is either taken or banned, it will not be chosen.
  • Removed temporary blank item from the Creative inventory.
  • Resignation Paper item texture updated.
  • Properly converted every old execute command format to the new one.
  • Origin picker screens are now cached for faster reloading.
  • Origin picker screen elements are now offset and aligned as intended.
  • Fixed an issue that would sometimes cause a missing cooldown bar texture to render.
  • Fixed an issue that required players to have operator permissions to navigate the user interface.
  • Fixed title and actionbar texts not showing properly.
  • Fixed entity actor properties to match with new required format.
  • Fixed where when changing Origin or resigning from a class, it doesn't announce it in the chat.
  • Fixed slimes behavior to match updated vanilla files and allow bigger slimes to spawn.

[ Localization ]

Added the following community translations:

  1. 简体中文 by xinyue0226
  2. Español (México) by DaniWo99
  • Added translation contributors to the welcome screen.
  • Note that community translations and are not necessarily up-to-date.

[ Known Issues ]

  • Note that due to a major change, this version would only support Minecraft Bedrock 1.19.10 or higher.


Experimental Gameplay Required

This add-on utilizes features that are locked behind the experimental toggle, please enable the following required toggles to be able to use the add-on properly:

Note that this add-on does not need/utilize Gametest API, so feel free to disable it!

How to install on Realms

This is roughly the installation instruction on how to apply the add-on on Realms:

  1. Create a new local world
  2. Enable the experiments as stated above
  3. Apply the add-on (both behavior and resource packs)
  4. Save & quit from the world
  5. Import the world to your realms


  • This add-on needs/utilizesplayer.jsonmodification, and thus it will not work with other add-ons that modify it as well.


For Minecraft versions

1.19, 1.18.30

+ and higher.

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