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True Survival - Zombie Apocalypse

True Survival - Zombie Apocalypse
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How would you feel waking up in a world over run with the undead? When you walk through this world you will understand what it is like to live in a Zombie Apocalypse. Could you Survive?



Check the Discord for any information you may need



This add-on is hard, really hard, only the best will survive!


All Hostile Minecraft Mobs have been removed. You should only see Zombies. Unless they are hardcoded entities

The harder the mode you put your game on the more Zombies that will spawn in the wild.


The Addon

This addon is simple. Can you survive in a world over run by Zombies and other 
people trying to kill you. Lets find out.

The History

A deadly virus has taken over the Minecraft World, Some enities were killed instantly (Creepers, Skeletons etc), Everyone else became the undead... A Zombie.

Different types of Zombies have taken over the Minecraft World, Each type will have it's own characteristics, it may be speed, strength or something else,
Whatever the case if you see a Zombie... Run.
Some people are survivors like you and you will find them wondering around getting attacked or attacking Zombies.
NPC's will automatically attack Zombies just as Zombies will automatically attack NPC'. If a NPC dies from a Zombie attack they will become Zombies themselves.

Zombie Corpses

When you kill a Zombie the Corpse will fall to the ground and start to decay, within this period you can use any Carving Knife to harvest some Zombie Organs to cook and eat.

Each stage of decay will take 20 seconds until the corpse is just bone

When it is just the Skeleton left you can use any Cleaver to harvest some Infected Bones

The Skeleton will burn away in the day light or disappear in 20 seconds if there is no sun

You can clean the Infected Bones with Bottles of Distilled water found in loot chests



The Zombies


-Normal Zombies-

Zombie Walkers, Crawlers and Runners will come in all these variants















-Special Zombies-

Special Zombies are ones with different characteristic to the Normal Zombies

The Armless Zombies

Armless Zombies can be found leashed to the Katana Trader in the Desert, They are completely harmless and if you take one around with you no other Zombie will be able to see you.


The Frozen Zombie

The Frozen Zombie can be found wondering around Frozen Biomes, they have very little HP, if you break their icy exterior they will release what is underneath....A Runner.


The Drowned Zombie

The Drowned Zombie can be found in River and Oceans, they will make your life a living hell if you get caught out in the open waters.


The Zombie Hoard Leader

The Zombie Hoard Leader will spawn every night and will not give you much more hassle then any other Zombie, but on a Blood Moon this Zombie will spawn 10 Runners to come straight for you. You have been warned!


The Zombie Savage

The Zombie Savage can only be found in the Rubbish Dumps, they were once loved people from the Savage Community



The Blood Demon

Blood Demons live in the Nether and will give you so much grief it will become pointless going there, these deranged Zombie like creatures will do everything they can to kill you.



The Humans

Along your travels you may bump into some Surviving Humans, they will be wondering around thinking about how to live in a Zombie infested world. In the early game they will not be much use to you other then a quick Zombie distraction, but as you play on you will find some Vaccines and use them on these Survivors to breed them and start rebuilding society.

-Normal Humans-





-Special Humans-

These Survivors can also be found around your world doing there thing, but unlike the Normal Humans they will have different ways of helping you survive.


The Priest

The Priest can be tamed using a Holy Bible which can be found in Church Structures. When tamed the Priest will follow you around and no Zombie will approach you.


The Hazmat Guy

The Hazmat Guy can be found in the Mesa, he will trade you Empty Vials for a Canister of O2.


The Katana Trader

The Katana Trader can be found in the Desert tagging along a couple of Armless Zombies. She will trade you a Katana for a couple of items.


The Special Forces Soldier

These Soldiers can only be summoned when using a CB Radio found in a Watch Tower, they will spawn holding a Micro UZI and take out any Zombie they see.


The Old Hobo

The Old Hobo can be found in Forests keeping away from Zombies, although the most pathetic Human you will come across he is maybe the most important, He will trade you Iron, Diamond or Netherite Armour for a few items.


-Hostile Humans-

These Humans have become used to the kill or be killed way of life and will kill you as soon as they see you, If you see one just walk away it ain't worth it.

Gang Leader


Gang Member


The Savage

The Savage are a breed of Humans who find living in a Zombie World to their taste, they will not attack Zombies but they will attack you with there Combat Knives, You will find them keeping away from the rest of the world inside their Rubbish Dumps. The Rubbish Dumps have plenty of Loot but be careful if they find you, they will kill you.


Rubbish Bags

Rubbish bags can be found in quite a few Structures, the most being the Rubbish Dump (Duh!). Break them to see if there is food inside. There are Black, Grey, White and Green Rubbish Bags




The Animals

Some animals have found a Zombie Apocalypse the perfect place to thrive, So much flesh to consume... Yum!


Rats & Crows

Rats and Crows will spawn pretty much everywhere, they will eat any corpse in their path, this can be very annoying as they may take the flesh you need to Survive, but stress not if you kill one you can eat it so not all lost.



Different Dog variants can now be found around your world, They have grown up in a Zombie world so they love a piece of Rotton Flesh, All Dogs (except Wolves) has an immunity to the Zombie virus so they can not be turned in Zombie Dogs, if they die, they die.

Tame all Dogs with Bones and Breed them with Rotten Flesh.




Weapons will be very important items in your Survival, you can find most Weapons by looting Structures, although you can craft some, the best ones are only found.

-Sentry Gun-

A Sentry Gun will stand wherever you place it and be on the look out for any Zombies it comes across. When you place it down, it will be empty, you will need to load it with some Sentry Gun Bullets, When you do this the Sentry Gun will
come online and start looking for threats, Each case of Bullets will last 5 minutes before it becomes empty and needs reloading. 

You can find pieces of the Sentry Gun in Loot Chests, craft them together to create a Sentry Gun

If you would like to move you Sentry Gun, Just Sneak and Interact with it.



Guns will play a vital role in keeping you alive, To reload your gun when it is empty just have the correct Magazine in your off hand and shoot the empty gun.


Baretta 92fs

Magazine = 13

Bullet Damage = 8

Cooldown in Seconds = 0.2

Launch Power = 0.8

Rarity = Common



Magazine = 17

Bullet Damage = 8

Cooldown in Seconds = 0.3

Launch Power = 0.8

Rarity = Common



Magazine = 15

Bullet Damage = 9

Cooldown in Seconds = 0.25

Launch Power = 0.8

Rarity = Common



Magazine = 32

Bullet Damage = 8

Cooldown in Seconds = 0.1

Launch Power = 0.8

Rarity = Uncommon


Micro UZI

Magazine = 20

Bullet Damage = 9

Cooldown in Seconds = 0.15

Launch Power = 0.8

Rarity = Uncommon




Micro UZI (Suppressor)

Magazine = 20

Bullet Damage = 10

Cooldown in Seconds = 0.15

Launch Power = 1.0

Rarity = Rare


SCAR H (Sand)

Magazine = 20

Bullet Damage = 18

Cooldown in Seconds = 0.1

Launch Power = 2.0

Rarity = Very Rare



Flare Gun

The Flare Gun is the rarest Gun in the add-on, shoot it into the sky and a Supply Drop will fall to the ground.

Use a Crowbar on the Supply Drop to get the Loot inside

Zombies will be attracted to the moving box in the sky and the loud bang of the Flare Gun so once it has dropped open it as fast as possible




Melee Weapons are craftable and will be very important in those moments where a gun runs out of bullets


Wooden Baseball Bat


Metal Baseball Bat


Black Metal Baseball Bat


Razor Wire Baseball Bat



The Crowbar is also used to open a Supply Drop and obtain the loot from Burned Out Cars


Iron Frying Pan


Steel Frying Pan


Combat Knife


Sledge Hammer

The Sledge Hammer is also used to collect Steel Ingots from a Burned out Car




The Katana is not craftable and can only be obtained by trading with the Katana Trader




Use one of these explosive devices to gain the edge on the Zombie threat


Proximity Mine

A Proximity Mine will explode when an entity get to close



Throw a Grenade and it will do what a grenade should do..... Go Boom!



Light the Dynamite with a flint and steel and then be somewhere else!


Dynamite (Extended Fuse)

The extended fuse will give you an extra 7 seconds to get out of there!



Ammo Creation

Creating your own ammunition will give you a great advantage on all your friends who are still looking in structures and on the Zombies of course!

First thing is first, You will need to get some ingredients.

Sulfur Ore and Potassium Nitrate Ore can be found in Desert and Mesa Biomes, dig down to "Y" axis 30 to have more of a chance to find them both.

Charcoal Powder is another ingredient you will need.

Once you have the Charcoal Powder and the Ores, craft them together to create some Pure Gunpowder

Now you have Pure Gunpowder the rest is easy...Well easier!


The Bullet Press

The Bullet Press is a Machine that will create the exact Magazine you need for you gun.

By sneaking plus Interacting and just interacting you can choose the Magazine you would like to make.

Use sneak and interact as the "next" button and no sneak and interact as the "confirm" button

When you are choosing what ammo to make you will have 5 seconds in each menu before the machine resets to default, this is because there is no "back" button.

When the bullet press is in default mode when it says "choose your weapon", this will be the only time you can recover the bullet press if you would like to move it.

You can recover the Bullet Press by sneaking and interacting on the default screen holding a Crowbar.

The parts for the Bullet Press can be found in chests


Crafting your Survival

In the early game you might want to craft a few things to help you on your way.


Wooden Armor


Carving Knives

Carving Knives are used to harvest Organs from a Corpse



Cleavers are used to get Infected Bones from a Skeleton


-Coloured Iron-

Some Items will need different coloured Iron to craft them, Some items may need Steel Ingots to craft them, Steel Ingots can be obtained from looting a Burned Out Car with a Sledge Hammer

Black, Blue, Red and Yellow Iron Ingots


-Storage Bags-

Storage bags are used to store more then you can carry in your inventory.  Once crafted place it on the floor and it will hop on your back, if you would like to drop the bag just sneak and jump at the same time.


-Sleeping Bags-

Sleeping Bags can be placed anywhere, Interact with the Sleeping Bag to set your checkpoint, even if you pick the Sleeping Bag up your Checkpoint is still saved.


-Medical Kit-

Medical Kits can be crafted to give you a Massive Health boost when you really need it. The Medical Kit will need 9 items to be crafted. You can find all these items in chests. You can either use Aspirin or Ibuprofen to craft the Medical Kit.


-The Collectables-

As well as trying to stay alive for more then a day you can now set yourself a side quest to collect all the Newpapers featuring headlines of the oncoming storm that we now know was the end.

You can place them on Newspaper Stands to show off to your friends.

Craft the Newspaper stand


-Body Armor-

Super Light Weight, Light Weight, Standard, Heavy Duty and Super Heavy Duty.

These can all be found in chests


Super Lightweight Body Armor - 50 Durability - 2 Protection

Lightweight Body Armor - 100 Durability - 3 Protection

Standard Body Armor - 200 Durability - 4 Protection

Heavy Duty Body Armor - 300 Durability - 5 Protection

Super Heavy Duty Body Armor - 500 Durability - 7 Protection


-CB Radio-

The CB Radio can be found inside Watch Tower Structures, you will need a battery to power the Radio. Give the Radio a Battery and it will turn on. Interact with the Radio and it will call for help and 3 Special Forces Soliders will spawn around you ready to kill every Zombie in their path.

When you use the Radio the battery will run dry, You will need another Battery to call for help again


-The Cure-

First thing first, look in all structures for o2 Canisters, collect as many as you can, When you have found some find a Mesa Biome and talk to the guy in a Hazmat Suit. The Hazmat guy will trade Empty Vials for o2 Canisters.

Now you have the Empty Vials you are gonna need Zombie Blood!

Kill any zombie and interact with the corpse to get a Vial of Blood, Collect as many as you can because not all of them will be effective.

Next you need the Antidote, these can be found inside Loot Chests

One you have found these items you can craft the Cure

8 Vials of Blood with 1 CDCKG85 Antidote will give you 8 Vials of the Cure (Unmixed)

Insert the unmixed cure into a Vortex Mixer and wait 20 seconds this will mix the Cure so it can be used.



Interact with a Zombie holding a Cure and the Zombie will scream and be changed into a Human, just like the Vaccinated Humans, Once they have been cured you can breed them.

Use a Toblerone on a Cured or Vaccinated Human to start the breeding process


Cured or Vaccinated Humans will not live for very long, the Cure/Vaccine isn't full proof just yet!

The Cured humans that grow from babies will NOT have a reduced life span, they will live forever like vanilla Villagers, You can trade with them for as long as you like.
When a bred Cured is fully grown it will have one trade table, it will not change it's trades. 

Give the Default Cured an item of clothing to determine what role they will play in your new world.


Give the Default Cured a Leather Apron and it will become a BlackSmith.

The Blacksmith will trade you tools and weapons made from iron, Diamond and Netherite.

The Blacksmith can mainly be found near a Crafting Table, making more tools for you.

The Blacksmith can be tempted by a Tin of Chicken Soup.


Give the Default Cured a pair of Blue Dungarees and it will become a Farmer.

The Farmer will move around on your Farmland planting any seed it has in it's inventory. Give it any seed and it will start the farming process for you. The Farmer will break any crop when it is fully grown and keep it in it's inventory until you collect from it.

The Farmer can be tempted by a Tin of Vegetable Soup.



Police Officer
Give the Default Cured a Police Officers uniform and it will become a Police Officer.

The Police Officer will not randomly move around, they will stay in a fixed point untilthey see a Zombie then they will move close to shoot the Zombie with it's P92.

You can bring the Police Officer back to where you want it by temping it with a Tin of Spam. Alternatively you could block the Officer in and have it shoot from a fixedpoint.

The Police Officer will have no trade table, it is just used for your protection.

Horse Handler
Give the Default Cured a Red Tweed Jacket and it will become a Horse Handler.

The Horse Handler will trade you everything you need to get a Horse ready for a run, including Armor and Saddles.

The Horse Handler can be found hanging around Hay Blocks collecting Wheat for the horses.

The Horse Handler is the only place you can get a Horse Vaccine.

The Horse Handler can be tempted by a Tin of Tomato Soup.


Book Keeper
Give the Default Cured a Blue Waistcoat and it will become a Book Keeper.

The Book Keeper will randomly wander around but can be found mostly near a BookShelf,

If your give it a Deck of Cards in return it will give you a Randomly Enchanted Book.

The Book Keeper can be tempted by a Tin Of Beans just in case you would like it to follow you.


Give the Default Cured a Brown Leather Coat and it will become an Explorer.

The Explorer will have a vast array of items to trade you, things that come from all over the Minecraft World, The Explorer has traveled around so you don't have to.

The Explorer can mainly be found near BookShelves planning it's next adventure.

The Explorer can be tempted by a Tin Of Spaghetti Hoops just in case you would like it to follow you.


Genetic Scientist

The Scientist will trade you vials of animal vaccines, these vaccines can be used on the respective animal to allow them to stay immune to the Zombies.

You can find the scientist hovering near brewing stands

The Scientist can be temped by a tin of Tuna




Giving the Default Cured either a White T-shirt or a Blue Hoodie will turn them into a civilian, these guys wont trade or do anything other then populate your area.

They can be tempted with a Tin of Beans.


-Player Vaccines-

Vaccinating yourself is pretty straight forward, You can find Mouth Swabs in Chests, Use a Mouth Swab by right clicking when holding it. 

When you have a used Mouth Swab craft it with a Vaccine and you will have a Player Vaccine

The Vaccine for Players will only last 15 minutes or until you die, Be warned the Vaccine does not make you immune to the Gang Leaders. When Vaccinated you can go about doing what ever it is you want. 


-Razor Wire-

Razor Wire can be crafted with these items

Razor Wire will damage any entity that walks through it



Sheep, Cows, Pigs and Chicken will not drop the food you require to survive in this add-on.

Instead you will have to loot structures to find canned and boxed food to keep you alive.

You can also find canned food by fishing



-Night Vision Goggles-

These can be found in Chests inside Structures
Night Vision Goggles will give you the night vision effect for as long as you are wearing them. They are a very delicate piece of equipment, they will not last long if they are damaged.


-Water Lung-

These can be found in Chests inside Structures
Water Lungs will allow you to breath underwater for as long as your wearing it. They are a very delicate piece of equipment, they will not last long if they are damaged



Dingy Boat have been added for faster travel over the water, it can carry four entities including yourself.

You will find Dingy Boats in the Oil Rig Structures, you will be garanteed one from this structure. You will need the Air Spray to inflate the Dingy
You can attach a Lead to the Dingy if you prefer not to deflate it.


-Burned Out Car-

Interact with a Crowbar to find some loot that was left behind

Interact with the Sledge Hammer to get rid of the Car and get some Steel Ingots


-Walmart Shopping Bag-

Sneak and Interact with the Shopping Bag to get some Food Items


-Walmart Shopping Cart-

These can only be found inside the Rubbish Dump.

You can jump in and take a slow ride or leash it and use it as a portable Chest




During a Blood Moon event each Zombie Hoard Leader will summon 10 Runner Zombies, You can sleep through the event just in case that sounds like to many Zombies!


-Zombie Animals-

Some animals will still spawn in your world, if they get attacked by a Zombie they will become an undead version of themselves




Each structure will have a random amount of loot inside, search as many as you can to get all the loot you need!


Any issues please comment below, Remember to play in experimental mode to enjoy this addon.


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Version 6.9.5




Different Dog variants can now be found around your world, They have grown up in a Zombie

world so they love a piece of Rotton Flesh, All Dogs (except Wolves) has an immunity to

the Zombie virus so they can not be turned in Zombie Dogs, if they die, they die.

Tame all Dogs with Bones and Breed them with Rotten Flesh.


A German Shepherd Dog variant has been added

Spawn anywhere


A Rottweiler Dog variant has been added

Spawn anywhere


A Collie Dog variant has been added

Spawn anywhere


A Husky Dog variant has been added

Spawn in Frozen Biomes



Added a Walmart Shopping Cart

This will act a very slow mode of transport and as it should ... a Shopping Cart.

You can store upto a Single Chests worth of items in the Carts inventory


The Gang Leader has had it's HP increased


A Gang Member has been added, they will spawn in the Gang Base, they will have less HP

then the Gang Leader and use a less damaging Weapon


Blood particles have been removed, this is to reduce lag on you world, You may of noticed

your game freezing when you hit a Zombie for the first time.


A new Despawn from distance code has been added so most entities will despawn from

a certain distance from the Player, we have noticed upto a 20% reduction in CPU usage

with this update.


Fixed the bug with the slow eating of rat and crow


Fixed a bug with the Sentry Gun now despawning when recovering


The Crowbar has been given a 3D model


Biohazard Sign has been added


Rubbish Bag Blocks

Break these blocks for a chance to find food


Caution Tape add been added

this can be seen around some of the structures


The Tower Block has been updated


The Subway Carriage has been updated


The House has been updated


The Desert House has been updated


The Church has been updated



-New Structures-


Rubbish Dump

The Rubbish Dump can be found in all types of swamps, they will contain a fair few

armory loot boxes and this is the only place to obtain a Shopping Cart.

The Rubbish Dump is the new home for the Savage, a group of cannibalized humans

who do not care about killing Zombies because they would rather kill and eat you.

All Savage will wield a Combat Knife so be careful when entering.

Inside the Red Container you can find some Loot Boxes but you will also find the Savage

Zombie, a member of the Savage that was unlucky and got attacked by a Zombie.

The Rubbish Dump is also home to the a new Rubbish Bag Block, break these blocks

to find some food, they can be empty but they can also have food inside.


Another House Variant

We have added another house variant for you to explore


Dog Kennel

Inside the staff room will be loads of cooked chicken, beef, pork and mutton


You will need to Download both packs for this addon to work.

Experimental Mode will need to be active

Please remember to Clear you device of any previous versions of this addon before installing a new update, this includes clearing your Data Cache in the Minecraft settings.


For Minecraft versions

1.19, 1.18, 1.17.30, 1.17

+ and higher.

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