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Half-Life 2 RP Beta 3.1

Half-Life 2 RP Beta 3.1
Maps for Minecraft PE
The map is created for role-playing games, without a real-world server allows 30 people.

Textures and more

The map has its own textures, shaders, sounds and add-ons for blocks.
Shaders: pros and cons 
+ Dark rooms and night become darker than in vanilla minecraft.
+ Lighting.
+ Live foliage and grass.
- Lower fps (you can disable shaders)
"The city is less grim.

What bugs are there?

For all the time I have met 2 bugs 
1) When you go into the world and do not see anything but pictures.

The solution to this problem is simple: you need to clear your phone's memory (delete unnecessary photos, games, and worlds in minecraft)
2) Sounds on the map have stopped working.

The solution is again simple: go to a special room called "civil defense", turn off this sound, and then turn it on.
3) the Pictures disappear.

Sometimes you can see on the map that there is no picture...I can not fix this, so take the picture yourself and hang the right one.
4) Sounds of walking and breaking blocks become vanilla if you disable shaders.

I don't know how to solve the problem either :

About the map

The map is not built exactly as in the original game. You can find 7 residential houses, the rooms of which are arranged by the players themselves. I have changed some items and armor, more information can be viewed in the book that is located on the map. I hope you like the map.

Welcome to beta 3.1! 
What's new?

• The map was moved to version
• The citadel was built (height restrictions did not allow it to be built in full height, the citadel is fully visible with maximum drawing)
• A new location has been built (highway 17)
• Added new textures
• Added new sounds (not currently used on the map)
• Some textures have been changed
• We have been working on errors on the map (did not deliver blocks)
• Some mechanisms with command blocks have become smaller in size.
• Added an addon that allows you to crawl and pass under 1.5 blocks
• Part of highway 17 is not finished because the construction of the terrain takes away my strength and desire to build...


For Minecraft versions

+ and higher.

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