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Extreme Biome Pack (Make Biomes Bigger!)

Extreme Biome Pack (Make Biomes Bigger!)
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Biome in minecraft is too boring? Not challenging enough for you? You want something new? This addon will make most of the biome in your world become bigger, more massive than before, suitable for you to try to survive because the terrain here is quite rough, as well as you can take a picture here for example
I'll show you how "big biome" it is:
  • Its cave has reached this height, creating beautiful water-filled caves on land:
  • Quite a high mountain
  • A valley on the plains:
  • A ship that ran aground?:
  • Some other biomes:
This is what this addon will give you. And don't forget to turn on the "experient mode" feature to be able to experience this addon


-Click on the link
-When a new link opens, tick the CAPCHA box
-Click "Free Access with Ads" button
-Click "Discover articles" button
-Wait 12 seconds then press the "x" key
-Click "Continue" button
-it will redirect you to the mediafire page, click the blue button to download the addon
-Open the addon and it will redirect you to minecraft, immediately install the file into minecraft
-In Minecraft, click the "edit" button of your world you want to use the addon
-Press "Behavior Packs" tab
-Press "My packs"
-Press "Extreme Biome Pack"
-Press "Activate"

Supported Minecraft versions
  • (beta)
  • 1.16.230 (beta)
  • 1.16.221



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