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Levels Storage

Levels Storage
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Do you always want a way to store your levels for use later? Always dying and you want to save your levels? This addon just adds that! with the use of 2 new blocks the Level drain and the Level infuser.

These 2 new blocks will help you store and gain your levels back. The levels are not stored inside the block itself but the level stored is different per player.
Standing on top of the Level Drain block will drain your levels.
Standing on top of the Level infuser will gain back the levels you stored.
To see how many levels you have stored right click/interact on the block.
These 2 blocks are easy to craft:
Level Drain:
Level Infuser:
Only 1 player can use it at a time if there are 2 players standing on the drain block it will stop your levels from draining and will output an overload message.


  • Experimental Mode Turned On
  • Works with other addons

Supported Minecraft versions
  • 1.16.221



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