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Home Staff Add-On

Home Staff Add-On
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In this addon, you can craft a home plate and place it anywhere. You can also craft a home staff that can be used to teleport home from any dimension. Make traveling a lot easier by using this pack!!


In this add-on, you are given two new items that make teleporting back home a breeze!!

The Home Statue:

In this addon, you have a new craft-able item called the Home Statue. It is a flat item that can be placed anywhere. The Home Statue sets where you can teleport back to. 
The home statue is breakable by hand and can be moved as many times as you want. Here are some ideas:
  • Place it at your home base to return home quickly
  • Place it at your favorite biome to teleport there quickly
  • Place it close to the ender dragon, but far enough away to escape when he is attacking you
  • Place it just outside of an underwater monument, so when you run out of air, you can teleport back to the surface
Here is the recipe for the home statue:
  • 2 eyes of ender
  • 1 diamond
  • 3 smooth stone slabs
  • 3 obsidian blocks

The Home Staff

The next item that you get to craft is called the Home Staff. The Home Statue can not be used by itself. You must use the home staff to teleport you to the Home Statue (see the video for examples). This item can only be used once per item. It is a non stack-able item that you can craft as many times as you want, but once it is used, it is gone. To use, simply right click when it is in your hand and it will teleport you to wherever the home statue is place. BE CAREFUL THOUGH!!! It also teleports any entities with you (entities can not be teleported inter-dimensionally). 
This feature, although not useful for escaping bad guys, can be used to teleport animals, villagers, or even wanted mobs back to wherever you have placed your home statue!!
Here is the recipe to craft as many home staffs as you want:
  • 1 stick
  • 1 blaze rod
  • 1 eye of ender


  • for this add-on to work, you have to be in experimental mode. 
  • If you place more than 1 home statue down, the home staff will not be able to choose between the two. 
  • Although you can travel between dimensions. You cannot bring other entities with you.


Download the the file to install. Should install with a double click.

Supported Minecraft versions
  • 1.16.221



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