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I released MobAbilities back in Febraury, but now, I remade it and I polished it so well that its now called Mobilities! My best mod yet! it has more custom items and SO MUCH MORE!Theres a new system where you only need to drop an item to turn into a mob, so simple, right!Version: Demo

What are the mobs I can turn into?


Inhabitants of the nether, found in nether fortresses, immune to the blazing hot lava, the blaze! Some of the blazes escaped to the overworld because of a player named.. Steve! You are one of them
  • Immune to lava and fire damage
  • You dont take poison effects, but you dont take speed, strength, or regen
  • You take dmg in water


Followers of the ender dragon, lives in the end, these mobs are capable for teleportation, but, they have a severe allergy to blue wet stuff
  • You can teleport, but you will take a bit of damage so dont over do it
  • You are 3 blocks tall, hence, you have to duck to fit in 2 block tall spaces, making you slower
  • You take dmg in water


Mojang wanted to make a pig, they made this instead, a creature capable of explosion, builder's worst nightmare
  • You can explode, but at a cost, you cant move, you get hunger, but you take no damage from the explosion
  • You are slow
  • you will get hated by everyone in the realm/world/server


These creatures fly in the air, but some cannot fly since they were born different, and they are you
  • Can shift between phantomized and dephantomized
  • When phantomized, you walk faster
  • When dephantomized, you walk slower

Wither Skeleton

Allies with the blaze, guards of the Nether Fortress, these withered creatures can wither away any enemies
  • Wither people with a radius of 4 blocks
  • Starts with stone sword


Community Made Mobs

Crow [By GBShadow]

This creatures are hungry, meat feeding birds that love scavenging
  • Has Stone sword
  • Has Elytra
  • Has Leather Helmet
  • If you are high up in the air, you get slow falling, just in case
  • Jump and speed boost

Eletric Chicken [By pie the fnaf fan]

These chickens are birds that can fly, but be careful, you will be shocked when you see it, get it? hehe
  • Has elytra
  • Can launch 50 blocks into the air
  • Slow falling forever
  • When launching, you will get hunger


How do I activate the mod?

  1. Initialize the mod, type /function mobilities-initialize
  2. Place a command block down and set it to repeat and always active
  3. Type "function mobilities-activate"
  4. Pick your mob and enjoy!

How do I pick another mob?

  1. Do /tag @s remove <Mob you are currently transformed into>
  2. Then do /function mobilities-initialize
  3. Pick your new mob!

What are the guidelines for this mod?

  • You may not reupload this to other sites and credit this as your own
  • You may not remake this without my permission

What CAN I do?

  • You can remake this mod with my permission
  • You MAY use this in your realm/world/server

Please follow the guidelines above


Can you show me images on how to activate the mod?

Can I have any more info?

Sure! Heres a video


How do I download the mod for Android?
  1. Click download link
  2. Click continue
  3. After that, press the box
  4. Open the file and press minecraft
How do I download it on IOS?
  1. Do all the steps above
  2. When you press the box, it will redirect you
  3. Open the file
  4. Press minecraft
I cant download the mod, why?
  1. Go to a file manager or download one
  2. Search "Mobilities"
  3. Rename the the file from "" to "Mobilities.mcaddon"
  4. Open the file, and click minecraft, enjoy!

Supported Minecraft versions
  • 1.16
  • 1.15 (beta)



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