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Missile Addon

Missile Addon
Addons for Minecraft PE
This Addon adds 5 missiles.
Normal missile,TNT Missile ,Nuclear Missile ,Ender Missile and Flat Missile
Especially , Nuclear Missile is stronger than any other PE addon
These missiles are craftable by crafting table


1.Normal Missile
Normal? this missile is strong!!



2.TNT Missile
Bulid 1,000 TNT Cube and summon normal missile!! 




3.Nuclear Missile

This Missile may crash your PC. Use it at high spec PC or Phone

This Missile is the most dangerous  of PE Addon

4.Ender Missile
this missile raises 20x20x20 blocks



5.Flat missile 
this missile deletes all of blocks



6.Nether missile 
Nether in the overworld
7.MOB missile 
Summon All MOBs
8.Many missile 
Summon 25 Missiles
9.Effect missile 


How to Launch Missile


1.Craft "Missile Launcher"

2.Craft Target
3.Put Missile target
4. Use (Eat) "Missile Launcher"

5.Wait For 25 seconds



Turn on experimental Game Mode



1.Click the link
2.Wait 5 seconds and click "I'm not robot"
3.Wait 5 seconds and Click "free access with ads"
4.Click "Discover interesting articles"
5.Wait 15 seconds and click upper right cross
6.Click "Contine"

Turn on experimental Game Mode

Supported Minecraft versions
  • 1.16.221
  • 1.16.201



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