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Mo'Anvils Gravitation Update! (Last Update)

Mo'Anvils Gravitation Update! (Last Update)
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Finaly. An Addon which adds new Anvils to the game!It took a while to make. And some stuff is still W.I.P like the Alloys. So lets hope you have enough Anvils in your game now! Also turn on all Experimental gameplay features 

Cobblestone Anvil
This can Repair stuff and doesn't uses any Xp. but it doesn't keep the Enchants (none of them do)
It works also for Elytras for Shields or anything you want!
Next is the Gold Anvil
This can be used also for reparing but also for making Alloys.
All Alloys:
Iron+Gold=Gold Alloys (Iron)
Netherite+coal=Netherite Alloy (Coal)
Emerald+Diamond=Emerald Alloy (Diamond) Can be used to Make Alloyed sticks! With these you can make Diamond tools/Weapons. All Alloyed Sticks can be made in Golden Anvils btw!
Lapis+Redstone=Redstone Alloy (Lapis) can be used to make Alloyed Sticks. This can be used to make the Golden Alloyed Tools.
Now the last one
The Diamond Anvil. 
Can only be used to make the Netherite tools/armor (Coal)
this is all.
Now for the 2 new Swords.
The Golden Alloyed Sword (Iron) Can be made with an Normal crafting table and is crafted like a normal sword.
It has 6.5 Attack damage and 350 Durrability. The same for the other tools. The Armor has the same Durability then Iron. But Gives a lot more Protection.
The Netherite coal sword has 8 Attack damage and 2401 Durrability. Aswell as the tools and armor. 
They can be enchanted Normaly.
Also Netherite Alloy (Coal) can be used as a fuel.It can smelt about 1000 Items
Now the Last thing!
Anvils now have Graviation!
Its kinda buggy through-


Open world

Supported Minecraft versions
  • 1.16.221



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