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RGB Glowsquid

RGB Glowsquid
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Tired of normal glow squid just casually swimming in your world? Do you want an entity that gives off that RGB/Gaming Vibe? Introducing the new and improved RGB Glowsquid!!This Idea came from reddit: Jeb Glowsquid

This Glowsquid acts like a real Glowsquid but the difference is it is RGB!
To obtain this one of a kind glowsquid grab a nametag and rename the glowsquid to jeb_
For none beta players since there is no glowsquid I have added a mob that mimics the glowsquid.
This custom Glowsquid does not have any drops.

  • Might not work in beta

Supported Minecraft versions
  • 1.16.221



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