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Arabic Desert Add-on

Arabic Desert Add-on
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This add-on generates a whole new biome, with new trees, oil lakes, sandy underground! Holiday Creator Features, Creation of Custom Biomes, Additional Modding Capabilities, and other Experimental Modes Should Be Enabled!!! Otherwise the mod won't work.

Arabic themed biome generation in your world. It generates new trees, lakes of oil (it's just biome fog of water it doesn't give any more use only being water) Sandful caves, whole new sand and apples! I would love to see reviews as i can know what you like better if you make a review! This is my first ever add-on, so any suggestions are waited!


Download the pack and click on it. It should open minecraft. If that doesn't work, go to files > downloads, find .mcaddon file and paste it in games > com.mojang > behavior packs.

Supported Minecraft versions
  • 1.16.221



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