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Hard Mode Plus (New Items!)

Hard Mode Plus (New Items!)
Addons for Minecraft PE
This add-on makes every hostile mob(unless I missed some) even stronger, which includes health boots and damage and some have a slight height difference.
There are new weapons and items added to help you against some of these hostile mobs. There are also new mobs in this pack.

  • All the mobs have the same textures as they used too. Though some of the mobs got taller, not by very much but still. The Spiders are the most noticeable. There a lot smaller and the Cave Spider can go between a fence and a block and can be hard too hit.
    The blaze doesn't shoot at you but fly's around with its extended health really annoying you that's all until later on. The Creeper runs faster and the Enderman are stronger. Though if you fight a Evoker you may see it goes really fast that will be fixed later as it also just slaps you for a attack. Pretty much no mob should burn in daylight(if there is one please tell me, also if there's any other bug tell me those as well) That all for mobs really just buffed making it harder to not die. 
  • The next thing is the blocks I added, The table of knowledge and ATM or money converter can be used to craft(just different crafting tables for now) The next blocks are the weaved slab and stair which can be made with sticks. Then there's the star block and the white void which is animated. (The white void has no crafting recipe yet) There is one more block and that is the clear glass(watch the second video to see it and see what it does)
  • The re textured trident and slice of bread...
  • Place bread in crafting menu and get 3 slices each gives 2 hunger points, but has lower saturation then whole bread.
(Brief idea of what to expect)
  • There are now 3 new mobs added to the game.
The first one is a new zombie as I called it Zombie 2.0 as it is stronger, there found around your world and can drop there weapon.
The second mob is a giant squid, it will attack you and does a good amount of damage. They just drop a lot of ink sacks for now                                                        (They just slide I don't know why but I cant fix it)                      
The final mob is a giant zombie as they don't exist on bedrock I added it. Its a boss mob though and can drop a giant shard.
  • Two throwables at the moment, and they are the purple ender pearl which has about no gravity and the other is a bomb which causes a big area of effect.
  • Then there's the new items added as well - Uncooked bacon and cooked bacon. A money carrot, iron rod, and money. There also is the giant shard and the full shard.
  • Finally the weapons and tools - The Emerald sword, obsidian sword. Then the giants sword which use the giants shards(full) it also makes you slower. There's a magic shovel that can dig as you just walk, a miners pickaxe, and a short blade which can be used to farm as well and makes you faster.
  1. Download File and then open
  2. File should be a zip file so open or extract all the file
  3. You should then be able to open it and put it in your World (make sure you use experimental gameplay)

Supported Minecraft versions
  • 1.16.221
  • 1.16.201
  • 1.16.200



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