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Darkness Depths

Darkness Depths
Addons for Minecraft PE
It's an addon just for adventuring and  building civilization it adds new villager types new monster, new weapons, and much more it will also add skills and other stuff in the future
this addon is somewhat inspired by the things in this list:
darkest dungeons
shield hero

plains of chaos
a biome full of chaos where chaos dweller spawns
Magic forest
the biome full of magic and the location of where the living puddle spawns at night
Lost Lands
a monochromatic biome filled with nothing but trees and lifelessness

altar: a struture that rarely spawns in your world
in here you can obtain 2 weapons: luminous lunar rapier, eternal flesh scythe
test hut: 
builds a simple hut for you when crafted and placed down
you need the build wand to use
build wand is just sticks and a iron


the kiln is used to make alloys right now it can only make steel which is used for armor and heavy weapons 
the kiln is craftable 
it can double the ore output when smelting
it can smelt sand, clay blocks, and clay balls now

planting pot :
inspired by botany pots
you can place dirt in it to plant
cant harvest automatically
you can plant wheat seeds(20 secs), lettuce seeds(15 secs), beetroot seeds(15 secs), and tomato seeds(20 secs),
need hoe to harvest
and shovel to remove seeds
magic planting pots
they look like regular pots
but they are not
they harvest automatically, can only be obtained from cleric villager(because its magic)
all crops grown on them takes 20 seconds

The Crow will constantly pester you ny destroying your crops and killing your animals they can be scared using scarecrows or when a villager is near them
they can lay eggs
They`re here to scare crows basically
they`re geometries change as they take damage 
The warrior
they are guards of the village that fight along side the iron golem they can spawn by recruiting a villager npc with a wooden sword  they have a 25% chance to be high potential and a 85% chance to be low potential
they`re weapon defines their classes.
the classes available:
knifesman(wooden dagger)
hammer_wielder(wooden hammer)
batter(wooden baseball)
axeman(wood axe)
samurai(wooden katana)
greatswordsman(stone greatsword)
scythesman (steel sickle)
staff user(wood staff)
fan user(normal fan)they can be tamed using a contract seal and moved from village to village with a migration paper p.s to set them to a new village use king staff
note:to transform them you need wood variant of the weapons and they can`t be transformed when they`re migrating

there are now female versions
swordcaster: use greatswords for both long range offensive and sturdy a defensive
the most customisable npc in darkness depths 
you can obtain them by using a slave inscriber on a female nitwit or non worker
for now you can change their weapon and clothes through the use of character cards which can be obtained through trading
Dreaded ghast
A recreated overused ghast model
drops dreaded tear
Living puddle
cannot be killed with any entity attacks use fire or potions to kill it

Chaos dwellers 
This creatures been decayed by chaos are slow but packs a punch they cause decay when you get attacked by them, their weakness is water because of their decaying bodies they cannot touch water


Enderian dire
this guy spawns like an enderman does 
he affects all mobs with a spell effect when they come 5 blocks close 
the spell can be changed  by what he eats
available effects
all effects are available just use the ingredient to the brew potion to change his effect to the desired one

gem bug
gem bugs spawns in caves doesnt fly and has a wonky model they affect you with blindness when you get attacked by them drops diamonds or stone when killed has three variants gold(supposed to be amber),diamond,emerald

gem crabs
gem crabs like their cousins drop whatever ore they are based in due to their weight when they target something they will slowly creep up on it and when the attack is successful they share their weight by giving you a little bit of slowness

they don`t have pincers but they still bite they spawn in deserts  can be tamed by a bone(for now), but when they are not tamed they attack you and villagers
they can now lay eggs
you can now have them armored: armor can be obtained through trading with armorer or leather worker

this barrel looking thing can be powered up six times with gun powder to make a stronger explosion with the strongest having the power of 11 explosion power(for now) to explode them it needs to be atleast powered up two times other wise it wont explode (use flint and steel to explode) animations otw
they can be obtained by trading with a weapon smith
now tiny in size

drivable vehicles of war that shoots canon balls to any monster creature nearby.
their shooting is automatic (to be changed)
they can be obtained by trading with a weapon smith 
has an turret canon variant (but currently not working)
you now need to reload it manually using a canonball and you also need to ignite it yourself now

corrupted runes
Has five variants (depends on what rune it is) they`re projectiles/shooting pattern depends on the variant
Ancient Golem
This Sleeping stone tanks damage and is a hard hitter himself he deals 20 damage per punch 
when he has a target he gets up and side punches them

succubus and incubus 
creatures that rarely spawns in a village 
in the day they transform into a villager and at night into their true forms
when in villager mode they will give weakness effect and when in true form they will "pickup" villagers and suck their energies out of them
can be tamed and bred using lust potion
or for breeding golden carrots


villager npc
spawns in with regular villagers and does the same stuff as villagers, they can be bred with lust potions or engagement rings
Female villager can now get pregnant it just takes time
when pregnant it takes 3 minutes befire they give birth 
every job class now has its own model
female npc custom sounds by cicifyre
check her out at:

giant bugs that roam the land they can fly and can make your crops grow faster 
or if you dont want them around kill em for their shell shards that can be crafted to armor
(50% droprate)
greblins: (w.i.p)
right now all they do is attack each other theyre supposed to spawn on the lost lands biome 

 sin bosses:
give a zombie chaos and it will give you madness in return this boss is not that tough but it has multiple attacks 
whatever vanilla farm animals he kill becomes his minion
a sacrifice made out of lust for power due to that hatred came through a desire of revenge this boss can summon minions and attack with big domes he hits hard so keep your range
Spawns a shield dome when its target is within 2 blocks
Can attack using magic blast laser and magic bullet balls

environmental bosses:
full moon geisha : as an entertainer of the gods her job is to make sure your mutilation is as entertaining as it could get 
summons every full moon meaning your first night youre very likely to die 
she has 3 stances dependng on her health
first stance: she shoots wind and teleports at you 
second stance :she could use ice to make her winds hit harder also in this stance she could transform into a invincible cloud 
third stance: summons a gown of shadows making you blind and summons upto 15 clones that is easy to kill but hits hard Items 
you now need to use moon stone for the geisha to spawn every full moon
Ancient Druid: the one protecting the land has been corrupted by chaos its now your duty to defeat him
he is a summoner type boss
he can summon vines, golems, and more memory crystals
new tables: the weapon creator and rune inscriber 
rune inscriber can be used to create runes
weapon creator is the table to create powerful weapons
character cards:
used to change equipment of npcs though it only work for slave now:
hand canon
the first 3d item added 
can shoot fireballs as far as a canon goes

spell glove:
this uses orbs to power and casts spells can be crafted using the weapon creator

used as the detector and for resource for projectiles
put in off hand to use as projectile

dark alloy scythe:
has the ability to shoot out red slashes
and deals a lot of damage

stabilized dark alloy scythe: 
a scythe which deals a lot of damage

dark sun sword:
a sword made from dark alloy and the jewel of the geisha this swords hits hard which makes it the most dependable sword you could craft 
can be crafted using weapon creator using dark alloy blade, dark sun hilt, and the geisha jewel

has wood to chaos steel variants
chaos damage: 12
diamond damage: 10
iron damage: 8
golden damage: 5 
stone damage : 6
wooden damage: 5

has wood to chaos steel variants
chaos damage: 18
diamond damage: 16
iron damage: 14
golden damage: 10
stone damage : 12
wooden damage: 10

has wood to chaos steel variants
chaos damage: 8
diamond damage: 6
iron damage: 5
golden damage: 3 
stone damage : 4
wooden damage: 3

has wood to chaos steel variants
chaos damage: 7
diamond damage: 5
iron damage: 4
golden damage: 2
stone damage : 3
wooden damage: 2

has wood to chaos steel variants
replace the stone block with logs or block variants for chaos steel use iron block
chaos damage: 15
diamond damage: 13
iron damage: 12
golden damage: 10
stone damage : 11
wooden damage: 10

has wood to chaos steel variants 
netherite damage: 34
chaos damage: 30 
diamond damage: 29 
 iron damage: 27 
golden damage: 22
stone damage : 25
wooden damage: 22

only has stone to iron variant
stone: 13
iron: 23

scythes :
heavy weapons that deals a lot of damage

special blades
sword of evergrowing darkness: 83
dark sun sword: 63(craftable)
never ending wither sword: 43(pending for texture change)
dark alloy dagger: 43(craftable)
stabilizing sword: 32
firey dark sword: 23
cold dark sword: 22
wither dagger: 12

magic books:
you can use them to summon mobs though you need to use an ancient book to progress your knowledge further to learn more summons
could be obtained in chests

can be obtained through chests 
most of them dont do anything yet
dark totem(due to texture change): gives you resistance when you deal no damage to your enemies
cosmic eye teleports you to what direction your looking though it can phase you through blocks

are new things slowly getting added for now only demonic book is a working grimoire
first to use a staff you need to use a rune of the same element to get your element learning to the right amount
ice staff: shoots an icicle lance
fire staff: shoots a super fireball
wooden staff: mainly used to make staff users doesn't shoot anything


all of them shoot wind except for dragon fan
normal fan is the only one craftable
dragon and temari can be found on loot chests
dragon fan can shoot dragons that fly in one certain direction

elemental trident
high damaged weapon very hard to craft
76 damage
can be thrown now

Silk Cloth 
can be traded for some coins with the weaver villager 
contract seal
a magical seal that bonds a contract between owner and servant 
used to own warriors
animated texture coming soon
king`s staff
used to set a warriors home

migration papers
used to move warriors around when tamed

sin crystals
this crystals holds the power that can bring down a lot of obstacles out of your way
only the ones with bosses are functional
p.s only 4 has finished abilities which is gluttony, envy, pride, and lust  

red samurai armor set
can be obtained through trading with an armorer villager really good armor set
rag armor set
can be obtained through weaver trades or leatherworker trades

pretty durable armor made of silk can be obtained through weaver villager trades 

straggler armor
basic armor that can be obtained through leather worker trades 

knight armor:
durable armor that can be obtained through armorer trades

heavy knight armor:
heavy armor that can be crafted using iron and steel only has leggings and chestplate

jungle armor set 
armor that is made out of jungle materials

lust potions
gives you what you feel when you really are lustful strength, speed, and a bright eyed vision 
can be brewed using blaze powder on health one potions
engagement ring
what better way to reproduce than the legal way get your villagers one of these and they`ll be happy, they will even throw in an extra worker
japanese lantern 
used to light and decorate your homes

crossframe lanterns
decorate your house with this great block that is a much greater light source (it`s animated)
other weapons available
can randomly spawn at any chests in dungeons, nether bridges, and end cities 
runes still dont do anything
blocks available
naturally spawning ores
wood types
blocks can be obtained by pixel: tag in the give 
update video:


1. click download button
2. wait 5 seconds
3. click on read articles
4. wait for 10 seconds
5 click continue
6. you should be on the mediafire site now click download

Supported Minecraft versions
  • 1.16.100
  • 1.16.200
  • 1.16



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