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Disciples of the Void Add-On

Disciples of the Void Add-On
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Want your world to be a little bit more interesting but not THAT much more interesting? want four more mob bosses that serve no other purpose than a fun fight and swords that are broken in their own ways? This is the Add-On for you!

Disciples of the Void is an add on which adds four new rare spawning mobs, Two Items, and Four new weapons to your world. You can choose to rank the 5% spawn rate they have or spawn them yourself!
How to summon mobs:
To start, you smelt an item called a “Cracked End Crystal” which you’re going to need for the Item that summons each boss.
When you have a Cracked End Crystal, put it in a brewing stand with Glass Bottles in The slots. Then you will be given Void Extract.
Void extract can be used on Evokers, Endermen, Piglins, and Wither Skeletons.
Brawlatar, The Brute of The Void
Brawlatar can be summon by Breeding two piglins together. He is based off the original Zombie Pigman but hits like a Piglin Brute. He can be found anywhere in the nether when he spawns.
He drops the “Brawlatar’s Brawlblade”. upon use of the item you sacrifice speed for strength.
Eribus, The End Emperor
Brawlatar is summoned by using Void Extract on a Enderman. He can be found anywhere in the end when he spawns. He is a basic enderman physically but attacks like any other melee monster.
He drops ”The Emperor’s Erislasher”. When used, the player will teleport like a vanilla enderman.
Alatar, The Voidcaster.
Alatar is a mutated evoker who has way more and stronger ability’s than a vanilla caster. His summoning skills have extender to entire lines of Vexes, Wither Skeletons, Strays, Dragon Fireballs, His personal Minions called “Alatines” and a powerful nova attack that can one shot the player if not in water. Watch out for the colors of his particles when he’s casting. He can be found in roofed forests when he spawns
He drops an item called “Alatar Magiblade“. Which shoots random projectiles.
Deathblade, the Void Reaper.
Deathblade is a mutated wither skeleton that walks among nether fortresses when he spawns to spread the walk of death. Speaking of death, this is probably a good time to mention that he breaks Grass, Dirt, and Stone when he walks into them. 
Deathblade drops an Item called the “Deathblade’s Deathsaw”. When Used On Fire, the sword gives you Speed and Stength at the cost of losing health for 10 seconds.
That is the overview about the Add-On. If you install it or not I thank you for taking the time out of your day to check this out! Installation details are below!


Below (or above this is my first time uploading) is the DIRECT download link to the MediaFire site. I will NEVER use the spammy websites because I hate going through them too. :3

Supported Minecraft versions
  • 1.16.221



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