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Carnivores: Dinosaur Survival Reborn

Carnivores: Dinosaur Survival Reborn
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Welcome to the first dinosaur hunting tour in the world!
As This is just a recreation of Carnivores: Dinosaur hunt(2021)/Carnivores: Dinosaur hunter HD(ps3),and Carnivores: Dinosaur hunter Reborn(2014) and just finished what they started.

Here's one of the reasons why i made this add-on:
This is a attempt of bringing carnivores back to the mainstream eye. As carnivores(1998) was a first of many things, the first 3d hunting game,one of the first proper dinosaur games in it's time.
I will answer some of you're questions:
Q1: Why make the reboot first before the original add-on?

A1: That's because most people call the original cannon styled designs as "ugly", so the reboot had to be made to negate that issue or is just an alternative if you for some reason hate the original carnivores cannon style.

Q2: Why make a carnivores mod?

A2: Because it's a very underrated gem, putting it on this site will make it more well known.

Q3: Will you make other mods that will recreate other carnivores games like cityscape?

A3: Yes, cityscape is planned as a future expansion pack once the base mod is done.

Q4: Will you make a map for this add-on?

A4: No, until i ask someone who actually knows what their doing.

Q5: Why aren't you accepting more creatures?

A5: There's a lot of creatures, 19 to be exact. Adding more will just make a loop of me adding dinosaurs over and over again to where it gets to like 60+.

Q6: Will the original add-on be cannon to this mod?

A6: No, this is a reboot.

Q7: Will there be more weapons?

A7: yes, for some expansion packs. The current list or weapons is nearly done, only the revolver and sniper rifle are missing.

Q8: Why pick underrated or obscure dinosaurs instead of picking the more popular dinosaurs first?

A8: That's what carnivores does, I'm just continuing the trend of having some underrated/obscure dinosaurs.
Because they at-least represent a family group a popular dinosaur is in.
Example: Imperobator is in the Dromaeosauridae family group, the same family group as the velociraptor.

This is mod has two game-modes:
Vanilla Experience: A dinosaur survival experience and veteran dinosaur hunters should feel be familiar with the features with this version of the tour.
Fossil Hunter: As it's name says, you hunt for fossils. This time you have to get fossils,dna, and eggs.

How to change modes:

This makes it better for you to see something from a far.
They are visible in-game, so why even bother?

2.DNA Extractor:
This is the most important part in the creation of dinosaurs.

3.Incubator(Fossil Hunter):
This is the machine that helps you make dinosaur eggs.

4.Carnivore Lure/Feeder
This allows hunters to make carnivores come to them, that or they just use it for unlimited meat.
They are visible in-game, so why even bother?

1.Reinforced Wall
This is great for building you're base. And it can withstand many tnt blast.

2.Reinforced Wall Lite
This is decent for building for building bases, unlike the reinforced wall version, it gives out some light
3.Fossil Ore
They are the most important part of the fossil hunter mode.
They can be found at Y 42

4.Reinforced Fence
It's good for keeping in pesky carnivores or just any dinosaurs that may cause trouble.

1.Double Barrel Shotgun
Ranks: Advanced.
Unlike most versions of the db shotgun that claim that they almost fire twice at once, this version literally does.
They are visible in-game, so why even bother?

2.C1 Dyno Slayer Rifle
Rank: Novice - Intermediate.
A good starting weapon for new hunters.
A popular trend that most hunters use it as a combo weapon with the db shotgun, you just shoot the carnivore from a distance, and when it's close to where it can attack, then that's where the shotgun can get deadly.
They are visible in-game, so why even bother?

Rank: Expert - Master.
A modified version of the rifle that just shoots energy orbs that can and will deal splash damage.
The splash damage can be used to you're advantage, just shoot at the ground and then you can rocket jump up to 7-8 blocks. 
They are visible in-game, so why even bother?

And one of the reasons of it's creation was to be a hard counter to dinosaur infested places in-case if a another cityscape incident, speaking of accidents, it was also made to make some hunters feel more confident if there really was a "Gojirasaurus".
4.D.H X-Bow
Rank: Advanced - Master.
A powerful weapon with enough skill, can be very devastating.
It rewards good aim with great damage.
They are visible in-game, so why even bother?

5.Kt Bow.
Rank: Novice - Intermediate
A more upgraded version of the bow, superior range,less damage, and easier to aim.
They are visible in-game, so why even bother?

Edaphosaurus - 

Rank: Novice - Intermediate
Health: 22
Attack: 3
One of the first creatures ever cloned on the tour and omnivore, They can pounce at it's target if it's not in a good distance where it can attack. They can be tamed only as an adult. Not even dino hunt corp. knows why.
Usually spawns in forest,shores,extreme hills,jungles, and savannas


Rank: Advanced
Health: 28
Attack: 5
It's one of the dinosaurs that can actually catch up to a hunter, it doesn't just end there, they can and will attack quickly. Unlike the velociraptor, they don't like hunting in packs, But it is as aggressive as a velociraptor.
They usually spawn in cold places,plains,forest,jungles,hills, and mountains


Dangerous if wounded
Rank: Advanced - Expert
Health: 115
Attack: 18
The only sauropod that has been brought back to life by dino hunt corp. It either flees or fight a predator like spinosaurus or the t-rex. It can be tamed either as a baby or juvenile.
Unlike the others however, they do not attack there owners when the owner hits it.
Usually spawns in warm places,forest,jungles,hills,plains, and taiga


Extremely Dangerous!
Rank: Expert - Master
Health: 82
Attack: 14
This is the only dinosaur that can rival the mighty t-rex. They roars when it see's it's target. They love water, enough so that they are more common in the rivers than any other biome.
They are tameable, but like the rex, you will need a lot of meat if you want to tame it.
Usually spawns in rivers,forest,swamps,jungles,lakes, and taiga


Extremely Dangerous!
Rank: Master
Health: 95
attack: 20
The apex predator of the current roster. You can hear one before it charges at you, It's only rival is the spino. The reason why you wouldn't want to encounter a fully grown specimen is, not only that it can and will one shot you, is that it's very fast,dangerous, and not to mention aggressive.
Nearly every dinosaur flees when they see a rex, except for a spino.
it rarely spawns in forest,jungles,taiga,hills, and plains


Extremely Dangerous!
Rank: advanced
Health: 78
Attack 7
They like to prey on the hunters that go on water to counter the carnivores.
They aren't tameable but do attack drowned.
Spawns in rivers,lakes, and oceans

And also, all dinosaurs have death animations.

Carnivores Fan - Project leader,modeller,texturer,animator, and coder
Dinoking2021 - Co-owner
Tatem - For the sounds of the imperobator
Saurian Target - For the design of the spino
Daubeny - For the sounds of the spino
The carnivores triassic team for the sounds of the edaphosaurus
That1cactus - For the sounds of the db shotgun
Universal for the sounds of the apatosaurus

Special Thanks to 

Dinofazbear - For helping me figure out the sleeping and pounce at target AI
Clorki - For helping me beta test the mod
Smithy Mc - For beta testing the mod
NicMiniLapinou - For beta testing the mod before releasing

And please don't suggest for any more prehistoric creatures. The list is finished and finalized

Supported Minecraft versions
  • 1.16.221
  • 1.16.220 (beta)
  • 1.16.210 (beta)



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