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Gameknight999 Monster Kings Addon

Gameknight999 Monster Kings Addon
Addons for Minecraft PE
Adds the Monster kings from the book series gameknight999. They are really powerful but if you beat them they will reward a lot of xp. The only way to spawn them is creative mode.

This Addon features 5 mobs including 2 special one. 
The spotlight fo this Addon. The zombie king has a impressive 300 HP and can summon his zombie minions to help in battle.
He also has a special System Overload form which has a extra 200 hp, increased damage, and of course can summon way more zombie allies.
The maker is also in the Addon in his pig form. If you think this is strong this is just the weakest form he has. His power will keep on growing so expect him to arrive in a new form next update.

Spider Queen and Enderman King
Shaivalak the spider queen is also in the Addon. You can summon her and the enderman king Erebus in creative mode.
New V.2 Mobs
Minor Revamps
updated Xa-Tul to have his signature chain mail armor and increased his size.
The spider Queen who preceded Shaivalak. She has more health but has a larger hit box and weaker attacks.
The skeleton king is here with his powerful skeleton minions. He has 300 HP like most other mob kings

Supported Minecraft versions
  • 1.16.221



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