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Forgiving Void

Forgiving Void
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Have you ever been in a Skyblock world and fallen into the Void, just to lose all your items and progress? How about getting knocked off the End island while fighting the Ender Dragon?Well worry no longer, the Void can no longer kill you immediately, and you won't lose your items! With this addon, you can customize what falling into the Void does, and any penalties you get from it.

Note that this addon will not save you from death entirely... just that you won't die in the Void (no losing your items)... It is possible to MLG to save yourself from fall damage though!

If you want to change what the Void does (which you probably do) just click on the gear once you have the pack enabled. I'll include a brief description of each effect down below!
This addon is super simple to install. Just enable it from your behavior packs, and that's it! No in game commands or setup required.

Void Effects:

Classic mode:

  • Fall an indefinite number of times /// no downside
Lose items to Void? NO

Damage mode:

  • Fall as many times as your health bar allows /// take about 2 hearts of damage per cycle
Lose items to Void? YES, but only if you die to the cycles

EXP mode:

  • Fall an indefinite number of times /// lose about 10 levels per cycle
Lose items to Void? NO

Freefall mode:

  • Fall an indefinite number of times /// gain the slow fall effect and absorption on the way down
Lose items to Void? NO

Three Strikes mode:

  • Be saved from falling three times in the world /// falling after the third time will no longer save you
Lose items to Void? YES, but only after your third fall
All in all, this pack will be super useful for anyone playing a Skyblock or Skyfactory, or if you just have a fear of losing your stuff in the End realm.
If you have any questions, or want to give some ideas for this or future addons, head on over to my Discord server! 

Supported Minecraft versions
  • (beta)
  • 1.16



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