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Minecraft Manhunt PE

Minecraft Manhunt PE
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Minecraft Manhunt is a Minecraft speedrunning challenge in which you must attempt to beat the ender dragon while a group hunters try to stop you. Inspired by Dream's popular "Minecraft Manhunt" series.

Minecraft Manhunt PE

In Minecraft Manhunt, you must attempt to beat Minecraft while one or more hunters try to kill you. Supports an unlimited amount of both speedrunners and hunters.

Getting Started:

  1. Create a world with cheats enabled and enable the behavior pack
  2. Run /function setup
  3. Follow the instructions provided by the NPC


To win, speedrunners must travel to the end and kill the ender dragon. Hunters can respawn, but if a speedrunner dies at any point along the way, they're eliminated. If all speedrunners are eliminated, it's game over and the hunters win.
Additionally, hunters will be shown the direction of the nearest speedrunner at all times, indicated by red particles.
Supported Minecraft versions
  • 1.16



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