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Random Fishing Addon

Random Fishing Addon
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Fishing, one of Minecraft's most relaxing activities. And you know how to make fishing more fun? That's when you don't know what you will catch when fishing. Too tired to catch boring fish, now you can freely fish anything in Minecraft (except for some non-survival items like command block, structure void, etc). 

What's even more special is that you can hit a stack of items, or hit a random durability-enhanced tool like a diamond shovel with "Fortune III, Unbreakable II".
Now I'll show you some of the things I caught:
Attemp 1:
Attemp 2:
Attemp 3:
Attemp 4:
This addon is updated to the "Cave And Cliffs Update" version of Minecraft. I will try to update this addon every time minecraft has a new item or block. Enjoy!


-Click on the link
-When a new link opens, tick the CAPCHA box
-Click "Free Access with Ads" button
-Click "Discover articles" button
-Wait 12 seconds then press the "x" key
-Click "Continue" button
-it will redirect you to the mediafire page, click the blue button to download the addon
-Once the addon has finished loading, double-click it to redirect to Minecraft and Minecraft will install the addon by itself
-Clink the "edit" button of your world you want to use the addon
-Press "Behavior Packs" tab
-Press "My packs"
-Press "Random Fishing"
-Press "Activate"

Supported Minecraft versions
  • 1.16.221



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