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Chess Addon

Chess Addon
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This is a chess addon based on the chess pieces and board type (I have no affiliation with this chess addon was made by myself for my friends and now you can use it too!  

This addon adds all of the pieces
                                                                                                White/Black King
                                                                                                White/Black Queen
                                                                                                 White/Black Bishop
                                                                                                White/Black Knight
                                                                                                   White/Black Rook
                                                                                                    White/Black Pawn
Now you have all the pieces to play your own game of chess in Minecraft!!!


Download the file by clicking on the link.
Then double click the file this should commence the download.
Make a world and add the behavior pack and resource pack to the world (the link should give both resource and behavior packs). 

Supported Minecraft versions
  • 1.16.221



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