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Sonic Expasion RB BETA 0.5

Sonic Expasion RB BETA 0.5
Addons for Minecraft PE
This addon adds items from the Sonic The Hedgehog universe to your minecraft, this addon is still in beta, so there will be frequent updates, I am accepting constructive opinions.

BETA 0.5: 

Items ↓ 
Ring: the Ring can be held in the second hand and it provides the player with a speed effect while being held, this item can be crafted in survival 
Craft ↓
7 Caos emerald s : the 7 emeralds of chaos give different effects to the player depends on which color you choose, but for now they are only available in creative mode: / ... for now ...
New Ore Sonicte: The sonic ore is the sonic ore and can be found in the over world in the 0.20y layers.
Sonic Armor And Sword ↓
Armor: Sonic Armor Provides Player with Extreme Speed through Helmet and Full Armor You can have a higher defense than Diamond and Netherite 
Sword: Sonicte's Sword Da A Player's rod effect and deals 10 damage to enemies.
Craft: sword and armor crafts are available on the crafttable in survival mode.
Come soon...
Beta 0.6 
New Ore Tailsnite: this is a new ore exclusive to tails tailsnite is used to make the armor of the tails and its tail
New Items ↓
Tailsnite And Tails Tail: You can craft both the armor and the tail of Tails, tails tail is only for crafts
New Armor: Now in addition to Sonic Armor, tails armor has been added and instead of speed you will gain the ability to float only with helmet.
Supported Minecraft versions
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