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Denerian Expansion

Denerian Expansion
Addons for Minecraft PE
Denerian Expansion adds many new things like biomes and armatures. Addon is in beta, if you find any bug, or have any suggestions for the next version, comment, may improve the addon

denerian expansion:
 denorian forest:.
made of strong and fluorescent colors, this biome can acquire a purple and bright tone at night.
some think it is coincidency, but scientists have proven that the substances that make this place shine, can be found on mushroom islands, which explains the appearance of this biome among these islands.
this rosy material is the raw material for creating arms and denorite
found by accident, this material can be made by removing the denerian from the earth found in denorian forest.

(denorian forest blocks can only be purchased with silk touch))
denorian helmet:
made with the same material of the dirt and leaves found in denorian forest, this armature can shine in the night and has 7 points of defense, curious. 
denorian chestplate:
used for religious ceremonies by old people, this chest was a symbol of power and conquered for who was the dress, even possessing 7 defense also. are still researching on the subject.
also known as strengthened denorian or thick denorian,
this dark metal was created with the joint of iron, gold, and materials from denorian forest.
by having other metals in its composition, this ore does not bright like denorian, but it seems to be enchanted. the reason for this has not yet been discovered.
denorite helmet:
it was used by tribe guards. this helmet promised protection and glory to those who used it, as it has 9 protection points.
similar to the netherite helmet, scientists think it was done in the same period when they discovered netherite, others already think that were inspired in the netherite helmets, because it exchanged the piglins since, but nothing has been proven.
denorite chesplate:
used by ancient kings, this pectoral warranty fears enemies, since it was a symbol of real power.

guaranteing glory, this chest was very difficult to obtain at the time, which explains the fear of rivals.
has 9 protection and is very rare, you will have luck if you can do it.

if you identify a bug in add-on or have suggestions for future updates, i am happy to hear you. 

Supported Minecraft versions
  • (beta)
  • 1.16.230 (beta)
  • 1.16.221



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