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OP Wandering Trader

OP Wandering Trader
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The wandering trader now have a dark look and spawn with 3 wolfs . He now accept loots that drops from the mobs in exchange for various ores . He exchange great quantity of ores or items for only 1 item from specific hostile mobs or item simple as seed and stick .This is not a new wandering trader it replace completely the base game wandering trader to make it 100% compatible with other add-ons. 

The wandering trader is now fire immune . Has 50 HP / resist fall damage because why an op Trader could DIE so easily when he trade so much good stuff . It doesn't give exp bonus or special loot if you kill it .
Trade table : 
1 seed = 9 coal 
1 stick =  iron block 
 1 bone = gold block 
 1 string =  emerald 
 1 spider eye = diamond block 
1 gunpowder = 3 netherite ingot 
1 zombie flesh = 10 experience bottles 
The add-on doesn't need the cheat to be active or special gameplay to be enable .
It been test on MCPE 1.16.221 android /iPhone but should works 100% with Xbox/PS4/win10 Bedrock edition


For Android and win10 :
Just click on the mcaddons to install 
For Xbox :
download mcaddons manager open it and go to download folders click on the mcaddons

Supported Minecraft versions
  • 1.16.221



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