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Ash Pack v1

Ash Pack v1
Addons for Minecraft PE
A simple add-on that adds several new decorative blocks and items into the game to make it more funky. This is my first ever add-on so please, have patience and enjoy.

Currently, this add-on includes 5 new blocks and 1 item:
- Andesite Bricks
- Diorite Bricks
- Granite Bricks
- Block of Thatch
- Woven Thatch
- Thatch (item)
- 1 Polished Andesite/Diorite/Granite > 1 Andesite/Diorite/Granite Brick
- 4 Thatch (2x2 in a Crafting Table) > 1 Block of Thatch
- 2 Block of Thatch + 2 Thatch (2x2 in a Crafting Table) > 2 Woven Thatch
- 1 Wheat (in a Furnace/Smoker) > 1 Thatch


Download both the BP and RP .mcpack files. You must apply both for this pack to work. You must enable Experimental Holiday Creator Features for this pack to work

Supported Minecraft versions
  • 1.16.221



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