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Deadpool Addon

Deadpool Addon
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This addon adds Deadpool to minecraft, It adds armour and weapon  to the game,  as well as Deadpool!!!This addon is made by Guy Diamond11 (Me) and you are free to use in a video but pls tag or list me thx.Here is all the items listed:

Deadpools armour- If all the armour is equipped,  then the player will get effects like strength, regeneration and more.The durability is 1000 so it will last a long time.(obtained by killing deadpool!)
Deadpools sword: It deals 20 hearts damage and is quite powerful against all mobs. (Obtained by killing Deadpool)
Deadpools pistol- It deals 10 hearts damage and has a 1 sec delay. It is 3D!! (OBTAINED by killing Deadpool)
Deadpool- Deadpool has 500 health and a hub scale to show his health, he has 3d swords on his back and deals 20 hearts damage so be carefull (He does not spawn naturally!!). He drops all the items listed above.
If you need help just comment bellow and watch the video if you want to see the items!
Supported Minecraft versions
  • 1.16.221



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