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5 More Swords + Items Addon (Bedrock/Beta Only)

5 More Swords + Items Addon (Bedrock/Beta Only)
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Hi guys. I'm back. Are you bored using an ordinary sword? Need a stronger sword to defend yourself? Well, then this addon is for you. This addon adds 5 custom swords with greater damage than before and it also adds more items to your inventory. Try this add-on out.

How to obtain these items?

To obtain all items fast,use /function command.
Here are the swords shown in the picture below:
List of these swords:
•Amethyst Sword(15 Attack Damage)
•Ruby Sword(18 Attack Damage)
•Emerald Sword(20 Attack Damage)
Wither Sword(25 Attack Damage)
•End Sword(30 Attack Damage)
These swords are deal greater damage than before and greater durability,and you can also enchant them.

Are these swords are craftable?

Yes,you are able to craft these swords:
Amethyst Sword Recipe:
Ruby Sword Recipe:
Emerald Sword Recipe:
Wither Sword Recipe:
End Sword Recipe:

Where do i find these ingots?

You can find these ingots in your world.
The amethyst and ruby ores will found most in the overworld.but it is harder to find than diamonds.
Image of an amethyst ore/ruby ore
The wither ingot will only found in the nether(They lives in Warped Forest).Especially you can find this ingot from this mob.The Nether Beast.The other variant of the ravager that lives in the nether and has 10x larger health and stronger than the regular ravager.
The End Ingot will only found in the end.You can get this ingot from this mob,The End Phantom,the other variant of phantom that lives in the end.
List of other items:
•Amethyst Stick
•Ruby Stick
•Emerald Stick
•Wither Stick
•End Stick
This picture shows all swords,items,mobs,etc.


Click the link below to install add-on.
After you've install the add-on,don't forget to turn on Experimental Gameplay before play.

Supported Minecraft versions
  • (beta)
  • 1.16.230 (beta)
  • 1.16.220 (beta)
  • 1.16.210 (beta)
  • 1.15 (beta)



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