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Eddsworld Addon

Eddsworld Addon
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This Eddsworld addon will brings some of the Characters from the Eddsworld Animation from YouTube to your Minecraft bedrock world.the Characters including Edd, Matt, Tom ,Tord and Ringo and other from the Animation!.

Edd and his friend have 20 and 30 Health.
You can tame them with Cola for edd, Cooked Beef for Tom and Cookie for Matt.
And they will Follow everywhere if you tame them.
If they got fight or get a Damage you can Heal them Cooked Porkchop for Edd,Melon for Matt and Cola for Tom.
If you don't tame them and hit Them becarefull they will fight back until you already die so don't fight them if you don't want Trouble with them.
Tord have 50 health and he is strong then the Other.
You can tame him with Cooked Beef.
He will follow everywhere if you tame him.
If you don't tame him like Edd and his friend before tame them you will die if you hit him he will kill you cause he is the Stronger one.
If he almost die or got damage you can heal him with Cooked Porkchop.
Ringo she is Edd pet and she have 15 health.
You can tame her with cod or salmon.
and she will follow you everywhere yeah if you tame her.
Jon,Eduardo and Mark is Edd neighbour they have 20 health.
You can tame them except Eduardo to tame Jon use Punpkin Pie,To tame Mark use Porkchop but the raw one!.
If you didn't tame them he will fight back!.
Y'all can heal them if they got damage or after fight with mob for Jon use Raw Chicken,for Mark use cooked porkchop(atleast he eat cooked food)
To make Edd favorite Drink use Bucket,sugar,cocoa beans,Bottle and Oak Trap Door.
You can drink it everytime you want it!.
and Edd Drop this item.
Matt's Mirror
Oh look it's Matt favorite Mirror.
to make this item use glass and Stick.
And it make 10 Damage to mob or Player and Matt drop this item too.
And Music change the Mall to Fun Dead 

To Download this addon:
-Click The Eddsworld addon Link.
-Skip the adfly ad.
-Then Download the File.
-Then if you already download it find the file in the download Folder.
-Then extract the the Eddsworld addon V2 file.
-Cut the File ResourcePack to resourcepack and cut the Behaviorpacks to Behaviorpacks in the Game folder and com.mojang folder.
-then go to Minecraft and Create new World or use created World
-And don't forget to Active the Resource Packs and Behavior Packs 
-And active the all Experiment  to use Matt's Mirror 
Done have Fun with the addons!. 
Supported Minecraft versions
  • 1.16.221



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