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Zombie Horse Extension Addon - Tameable/Rideable!

Zombie Horse Extension Addon - Tameable/Rideable!
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Did you knew there was a Zombie Horse in Minecraft since 1.14? It was definitely there, but it didn't do anything :( it was like a horse with different textures. Well, this addon adds Some special features to Zombie Horses making them span naturally in the world, tameable and better than a usual horse.

Taming the Horse:
To tame the horse you would require a rotten wheat, which can be made using a rotten flesh combined with a wheat in a crafting table or in your inventory. When you see a zombie horse (With no zombie riding it) take out the rotten wheat in hand so that it does not attack you as soon as it sees you. Note that if you take the rotten wheat in your hand after it sees you without it, it will not stop attacking you.

Rotten wheat crafting:
A normal side look:
Remember to hold at least one rotten wheat before it sees you:
Once the horse is successfully tamed, you can ride it, store stuff inside it, cover it with Armor's, Use a saddle to control its directions and movements, etc.

Special feature: Which makes it different from horses.

So, in all kind of horses, this addon will add a new slot, The Speed Mode Slot OR The Feather Slot. This slot can also be seen in normal horses inventories, but it won't be enabled unless you mutate them or convert them into zombie horses. What this speed mode does is that it allows your horse to run faster, with higher jumping ability (You need to hold space bar and release it at right time for higher jumps) technically you can say that it upgrades it's horse power engine XD When you are using speed mode, the horse won't attack any mob or monster that you are fighting, when it is disabled, the horse would regain slow speed and lower jumps but will start to attack your targets / monsters. This mode can be enabled using a feather (Disabled when you take the feather out).
Feather slot:
Has a mini inventory to store items:
Run faster than a normal horse in Speed Mode:

Wild zombie horses:

Wild zombie horses will spawn naturally in your world during night time (No matter the world is newly created or old). these horses might have a chance of a zombie or drowned riding it, when a zombie or drowned is riding it, you cannot tame it, you need to kill the zombie/droned first without killing the horse. Also, as they are "Wild Zombie Horses". They will attack normal horses and kill them. (It respects the name "zombie"). But don't worry, once tamed, it won't do that behaviour again (because you know, now it's loyal).
Will attack normal horses (Only applies to "wild" zombie horses):
Can have a chance of zombie or drowned riding it (Only applies to "wild" zombie horses):

Some things cannot be explained just by words or by pictures, they have to be shown in action, here is a video 

Supported Minecraft versions
  • 1.16.100
  • 1.16.221
  • 1.16.210 (beta)
  • 1.16.201
  • 1.16.200
  • 1.16.101



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