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Survivor Addon

Survivor Addon
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his is an addon totally made for a survival world, it adds us some weapons, armor and new mobs, it is made for those people who seek more diversity in the world of minecraft, now I ask you a question. Isn't it weird that there aren't more humans alive in minecraft? We only find steve, so on that side this addon adds a more realistic survival world in that regard, let's see what this fabulous addon adds to us.

First let's start with the two small weapons that the addon adds, which are two battle axes, with a prehistoric style. Let's see them.
Prehistoric axe 1
This ax is simple, and has a prehistoric appearance, the objective is that you have more weapons with which to arm yourself for the battle against the survivors who attack you.
Important, the material is infested stone.
Prehistoric axe 2
This axe has the peculiarity of being a little stronger and more durable than the first style.
Now let's move on to the armor that this addon adds, which are also few.
Rabbit Armor
The rabbit armor is made with rabbit skin, the realization is like that of any armor, the great particularity that makes the armor very special is that each helmet has a special ability, in the case of the rabbit armor is that gives you super jump!
Sapling armor
This is the one that gives us the most survival aspect, because apart from its simple realization, its great characteristic is that it seems as if it were made from nothing, its realization is normal, but with tree shoots, the original tree, its helmet we Gives the invisibility ability.
Rotten flesh Armor

This armor is one of my favorites because of its design and apart from the fact that it gives a new utility to the rotten flesh of the zombies, the ability that the helmet of this armor gives us is night vision.
Now if we go to the most important of the addon, the most characteristic and are the new mobs that we add, apart from this let me tell you that it is a new mechanic in general. Well, add 8 new survivors, but with the particularity that half of these will attack you but the other half will not do it unless you do it first, and apart from this, you will have the advantage that you can tame the 4 survivors that are good.
Good survivors
Good survivor 1 
This survivor has a medium strength, he has his own sword and believe me that he can be of great help when you want to conquer a village or defeat enemies in dungeons, you will find him in any biome and to tame him you must feed him cooked chicken.
Good survivor 2
This sovereign is very striking because it will have a completely complete rabbit armor, so its defense will be wide, the way to tame it, of course, is by giving it cooked rabbit meat.
Good survivor 3
This is one of my favorite survivors, since it is the only one with the talent to master the bow, it is a great support and support for your tribe, since you can have it near or far, in both ways it can defeat enemies, To tame it you must give it cooked beff.
Leader good survivor
This mob will cause you great joy when you find it, because at first it is the leader of its own tribe, it is the leader, who has a full rotten meat armor and a powerful diamond sword, its greatest particularity is that it will always have at its command two supporting survivors To tame him you will need to feed him cooked pork.
Bad survivors
Yes, there are survivors who will help you, but there are also others who will cause you headaches and make your life impossible, so let's see them.

 Bad survivor 1
This survivor is perhaps the weakest, as he has many war wounds, which make him already damaged.
Bad survivor 2
This survivor is a little more powerful, there is not much to say, but you will meet him many times, and he is faster than the first hostile survivor.
Bad survivor 3
This new survivor is one of the most complicated, if you are not armed, do not approach him, because he will destroy you with his powerful iron sword when defeating him, he will leave you what is left of his sword.
Leader bad survivor
Be careful with seeing it, really, because this powerful enemy has at his command two strong soldiers who will support him to defeat you, believe me that there are great gains when defeating him, but you must be careful because he is armed.
Thank you very much for taking the time to read this, I hope you enjoy the addon !!

Supported Minecraft versions
  • 1.16.100
  • 1.16.221
  • 1.16.201
  • 1.16.200
  • 1.16.101



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