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Lucky Ores Addon

Lucky Ores Addon
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Ever wanted to spice up vanilla Minecraft with some lucky block-type randomness without overshadowing the regular game? These ores lucky ores will now generate in your world dropping coal to diamond, and if you're really unlucky you might even spawn a silverfish. What will you get?

This addon adds a new randomized ore called lucky ore that spices up the normal mining experience. Each lucky ore is like a mini Minecraft loot bag that could contain anything from coal to diamond, silverfish to netherite scrap; who knows what you will get the next time you go mining? This addon is intended to be a small addition to the vanilla game or a fun thing to incorporate into other add-ons. Regardless of how you use it, it's sure to make mining a bit more interesting.
This addon adds one new block:
  • Lucky Ore
Lucky ore can be found below y-55, It requires an iron pickaxe or above to drop items. When it is broken with a suitable pickaxe it will have a chance to drop the following.
  • 1 Coal: 15%
  • 1 Iron Ore: 15%
  • 1 Gold Ore: 12.5%
  • 1-8 Redstone Dust: 12.5%
  • 1-15 Lapis Lazuli: 12.5%
  • 1 Emerald: 9.3%
  • 1 Diamond: 9.3%
  • 2-3 Lucky Ore: 9.3% (The same block you mined)
  • 1 Netherite Scrap: 3%
On any given mine, the ore has a 10% chance to summon a silverfish (separate from the other drops)
These values are bound to change in the future, more items/events are likely to be added as well. I do plan on updating this addon aswell as the texture when 1.17 is released.

Supported Minecraft versions
  • 1.16.221
  • 1.16.200



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