Food Deco

Food Deco
Addons for Minecraft PE
Food Deco adds new custom blocks where food can be used a decoration. This addon is good for builders who wants to improve their interiors for the kitchen and dining area. Try it out, and make your dining table even more realistic.

What's in Food Deco?


Example pictures:

  • Adds new decoration blocks:
    • Chicken Plate
    • Cod Plate
    • Mutton Plate
    • Porkchop Plate
    • Rabbit Plate
    • Salmon Plate
    • Steak Plate
    • Wooden Plate
    • Wooden Cup
    • Bowl
  • Obtain the blocks by the command: /funtion food_deco

What's new in the Hunger Update?

  • Added recipe for Wooden Plate
  • Added recipe for Wooden Cup
  • Added recipe for Bowl
  • New block models (the plate can now have 2 amounts of food each)
  • Interactions, foods that can be interacted with the plate are as follows:
    • Cooked Chicken
    • Cooked Fish
    • Cooked Mutton
    • Cooked Porkchop
    • Cooked Rabbit
    • Cooked Salmon
    • Cooked Beef
  • Food on plates can be eaten, and restores hunger like a normal food

Known bugs and issues:

  • Block item texture is broken & unfixable
  • Blocks can be glitchy on some low range devices
  1. Download the Food Deco MCADDON or Food Deco BP & RP
  2. Import the the downloaded files to Minecraft
  3. Activate the addon in a world

Supported Minecraft versions
  • 1.16.100
  • 1.16.221
  • 1.16.201
  • 1.16.200



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