Addons for Minecraft PE
This addon adds new biomes, enemies, items, and more. It is designed to completely change Minecraft by adding new challenges and fun items to the game. Join the beta to help suggest new features to add.

As stated before there are currently three new custom biomes added to the game. These biomes do not replace any of the currently existing biomes and should be compatible with other addons that add new biomes.
The first of these biomes is the Chaos biome. It is a land of massive mountains surrounded by keep bodies of water. The mobs within this biome are dangerous with their abilities to teleport and explode. Their low health however makes them easy to deal with. Within this biome you can find shadow crystal which can be used to craft shadow armor and gear which like most of the new gear is better than diamond. The shadow sword in particular can remove blindness which is inflicted by one of the new mobs.
The blood biome is a dangerous land filled with many powerful enemies. It is covered in large pools of blood surrounded by large hills. The mobs are the strongest of the new mobs dealing heavy damage while also being able to receive large amounts of damage in turn. Within this biome you can find hardened blood which can be used to craft this biome's version of the armor. Its sword can remove the weakness effect from the user.
The last of the biomes is the decay biome. Many of the mobs within this land inflict debuffs such as fatal poison which will slowly kill those inflicted. It is a vast forest of giant mushrooms covered in sludge which will prevent jumping without added buffs. In this biome you can find hardened decay which is used to craft this biome's gear. The sword will remove the fatal poison debuff caused by the mobs.
To mine the new ores you will need to find a fourth ore called silver. It is found in normal overworld chunks deep underground. Mining it takes a diamond pickaxe and once mined it can be crafted into silver armor and gear.
The azure forest is a new biome which is filled with glowing trees. No mobs spawn in the biome making it safe from enemies. Underground you can find purification crystals which can be used with the purification station to purify corrupted items.
The purification station is a new crafting block that turns corrupted items into their normal form. So far there is only corrupted iron and coal which can be found in the blood, decay, and chaos biomes. It takes a purification crystal to purify each item and they can be found in the azure forest biome.
The purification station can be crafted with 4 stone and 2 purification crystals.
Known issues:
-There is currently an issue where custom items aren't able to use efficiency. The diamond pickaxe in this addon is a custom one so there is no efficiency.
-Custom hoes don't work because of a durability issue. I am currently looking into a solution.
Planned features:
-New magic system involving staves
-New difficult boss fights.
-New trade system with custom coins instead of emeralds
-Should work with most addons since the it doesn't mess with many vanilla files
If you find an incompatibilities then leave them down in the comments or join the discord. I will make a compatibility patch myself.


Install both the behavior pack (Chaos.mcaddon) and resource pack (ChaosResources.mcaddon). Launch Minecraft from both files one at a time to install the addon. 
Make sure experimental features are active before creating a new world.

Supported Minecraft versions
  • 1.16.100



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