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Evil Villagers Addon

Evil Villagers Addon
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This add-on introduces a new threat: Evil villagers. Although these villagers are hostile towards other villagers, they are not illagers. They are like a new type of "llager", and they not to be reckoned with.

The New Threat:

These Evil villagers are a new enemy and are the main focus of this add-on. They are hostile towards both villagers and illagers, as well as the player and other hostile mobs including: zombies, skeletons, creepers, and endermen. There are 3 types, being the pillager, vindicator, and evoker versions of themselves. They spawn only occasionally in the desert.


A New Addition:

A new addition to this add-on is silver ore! 
It is found somewhat frequently within oveworld caves; it spawns between y 0-40. It is used to make silver tools and armor, and it retains the basic crafting recipe as all other ores. Silver itself does the same damage as iron and has the same protection value as iron as well. However, it has less durability than iron. It is also unable to mine diamond and emerald, but it makes up for this with it's quick mining for other resources.

A Treasured Artifact:

This is the kebab cutter. It is a weapon that is only dropped by the Antillager (evil evoker villager). It does 7 damage which is the same as the diamond sword but it only has 50 durability. It cannot be crafted.

Supported Minecraft versions

  • 1.16.221



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