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Annoying Mobs Run Away V1.2

Annoying Mobs Run Away V1.2
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This is a simple addon that allows you to change behaviors of certain mobs in game. Example, you can make creepers run away from you, make zombies not attack villagers, and more! This can prove very useful in survival mode.

Please note, that this addon is meant for survival only. The mobs will not run away from you if you are in creative.
The gif above shows a quick demo on how mobs will react near players when this addon is enabled.
Annoying Mobs Run Away comes with many customizable subpack options that will allow you to change what mobs you want/don't want.
To customize your experience with this addon, enable it and press the gear icon.
Once pressed, you will be greeted with a slider that you can move around with to change things. 
By default, both creepers and phantoms will run away.
You can do just phantoms.
You can do just creepers.
Or you can do none.
As of V1.1 and V1.2, you can now customize a few more mobs.
You can make skeletons and strays neutral, meaning they will not aggro onto you unless you attack them first.
You can make zombies and it's variants passive to Villagers. This also makes villagers no longer run away from zombies.
You can do a bit of a combo which is basically the 2 options above.
You can make Illager enemies passive towards Villagers.
You can do this combo if you hate villages being destroyed by zombies or raid battles.
You can do annoyances. This will make a few annoying mobs leave you alone for once!
And finally, you can enable ALL options.
There is 1 main bug, rarely the creepers will run away from you, but they might kind of diagonally really close to you and may blow up. Other than that, it should work no problem. Just don't get too close to them.

Note: This does NOT use the player.json file. The mod will only be incompatible if other mods alter vanilla mob behaviors.

Supported Minecraft versions

  • 1.17.30
  • 1.17



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