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Kiyoshi's Artifacts

Kiyoshi's Artifacts
Addons for Minecraft PE
This addon contains different artifacts usable by players.
 All artifacts can be used infinitely but has different amount of cooldowns.  
To use an artifact just long-press or right click while holding it in your hand 
Note: Artifacts may harm your friends and pets if they're around the artifacts' reach. ( I will fix this very soon )
Current Addon Version: V.0.1

Watch this youtube video for a better explanation


How to obtain? 


Most artifacts can be found on treasure chests and loots from different types of structures all around your world 

Some can be obtained through trading and barters, while some can be crafted, and few can be acquired by doing such task such as fishing, and less are mobs loots. 


All artifacts are in the equipments category in your creative inventory. 

Or just simply type  

/give @s kna:<the artifact you want>  

Example: /give @s kna:eternal_steak



Eternal Steak - replinishes a few of your hunger bars and has at least 8 nutrition. ( 15 seconds cooldown
Healing Potion - heals 8 of your hitpoints = 4 hearts ( 25 seconds cooldown 
Clay Bricks - gives you 10 bricks ( 25 seconds cooldown 
XP Tome  - gives you 8 experience levels ( 100 seconds cooldown 
Golem Kit - summons an iron golem for support ( 125 seconds cooldown 
Ghast Ball - shoots a fireball ( 28seconds cooldown 
Jump Boots - "not a literal boots" gives jump boost III  for a few seconds ( 25 seconds cooldown 

Speed Boots - "also not a literal boots" gives speed III  for a few seconds ( 25 seconds cooldown 
Haste Spell- gives haste for a few seconds ( 35 seconds cooldown 
Dynamite - summons a tnt that is ready to explode ( 45 seconds cooldown 
Concussion Bomb - stuns all mobs around you radius for 10 seconds  ( 50 seconds cooldown 
TP Pearl - throws an ender pearl ( 20seconds cooldown )
Lifesteal Feather - hurting mobs heals you ( no cooldown 
Blast Crystal - summons end crystals on mobs around you and gives you resistance ( 100 seconds cooldown 
Midnight Escape Berries- gives night vision, speed,and  invisibility for 30 seconds, good for escaping( 155 seconds cooldown 
Drowned Shards - shots a trident then gives you water breathing and night vision  ( 70 seconds cooldown 
Quiver - rains arrow on mobs around you ( 32 seconds cooldown 
Blinding Sac - blinds all entites around you by giving them blindness for a short time ( 70  seconds cooldown 
Dragon Ring  - shoots a dragon fireball and gives you resistance and strength  ( 250 seconds cooldown 
Lightning Conductor - summons lightning on all mobs around you ( 75 seconds cooldown 
Flame Thrower - fills  7×7 square around with blazing flames ( 40 seconds cooldown 
Amythest Crystal - teleports all mobs around you in front you and explodes them ( 80 seconds cooldown 
Golden Soup -gives you extra 8 hearts for a little while ( 65 seconds cooldown 
Shulker Stone - levitates all mobs around you ( 80 seconds cooldown 
Cold Snow - summons 3 snowmen to support you ( 80 seconds cooldown 
Chorus Amulet - randomly teleports all mobs around to a 20 block radius ( 45 seconds cooldown 
Wither Star - shoots a wither skull that inflicts wither ( 130 seconds cooldown 
Filling Bundle - magnets items near you ( 25 seconds cooldown 
Water Sprayer - throws a water bottle splash  that extinguishes fire ( 12 seconds cooldown 
Bushy Camou - fills 5×5 area with tall grass and gives you invisibility ( 100 seconds cooldown 
Feather Fall- gives slow falling for a few seconds ( 60 seconds cooldown 
Gravity Template-  gives levitation for a few seconds ( 48 seconds cooldown 
Coral Guard Totem - summons a boosted underwater army of axolotls to protect you from sea monsters  ( 135 seconds cooldown 
Winter Disc - sets all near mobs to ice and freeze them ( 100 seconds cooldown 
Bomb - need both the "TnT Book" and the "remote" to work
First, set the mark spot where you want it to blast by using the "TnT Book"
Then secondly, just press the "Remote" and boom!! 
25 seconds cooldown )

Supported Minecraft versions

  • 1.17 (beta)
  • 1.17.30
  • 1.17.11
  • (beta)
  • 1.17
  • 1.16.230 (beta)
  • 1.16.221



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