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Extracraft (More Items, Mobs, Blocks, Etc)

Extracraft (More Items, Mobs, Blocks, Etc)
Addons for Minecraft PE
Extracraft has lots of mobs, some structures, blocks/ores and even armour and tools! (Still in beta)Extracraft has been is the works for a while now. After Minecraft completely updated and broke a lot of modding methods I had to scrap the project, two years later I decided to re-make it, (this mod).

Skeleton Villager:
The skeleton villagers spawn rates are less common than skeletons but more common than zombie villagers. They spawn with swords at midnight.
The skeleton villager has 15 health, it also does over 4 melee damage. It drops emeralds and sometimes its own sword.
The Brainiac spawns in the End Laboratory (Custom Structure), they don't spawn normally. The Brainiac shoots shulker bullets.
It doesn't teleport it walks (sometimes runs). It has 25 health.
The Necromancer spawns at the dead of night. This is something you don't want to see. If you get too close to it. It will summon skeletons and zombies to protect itself.
It has 35 health and is very deadly early game. It drops the scythe.
The packleader spawns with groups of wolfs. It is the first tame-able mob in this mod. You can tame it with a lot of cooked beef.
It has 30 health (Changes when tamed) Does only 3 damage when tamed but does 10 damage when wild. You can breed it with a wolf not another packleader.
The thief is a rare mob that spawns in caves at midnight, it mines ores but it kills players. It will take your ores like diamonds, gold, iron once it has killed you.
If in danger it will run away. It has 15 health and uses a bow.
King Blaze:
The king blaze is the first mini boss in this mod. It spawns in blaze castles. Players can break its spawner before it spawns to avoid damage. It drops King blazes fire ball.
It's long range attack shoots giant fireballs that explode onto players. In melee mode it charges at players but it can normally do 6 damage and effect the victim with weakness. It has 70 health.
Brown Snakes:
Brown snakes spawn in the jungle. They attack the player and do three damage but inflict the player with Fatal Poison. It has 13 health.
Green Snakes:
Green snakes are slightly bigger than brown snakes, they also spawn with Brown snakes. They only attack the player when threatened. They are tame-able with rotten flesh. They have 8 - 20 health (depending if tamed). They do 2 attack damage but poison their target.
The Illusioner was a scrapped Minecraft mob. They spawn in the Magic Tower and summon clones of them self that shoot arrows. The Illusioner should drink invisibility potions but this is bugged and is being fixed. It has 30 health.

Emerald Armour/Sword:
Emerald Armour:
Emerald Armour basically is diamond armour. You can't craft emerald armour but it is only obtained by trading with a armour smith.
Emerald Sword:
It does 7 damage, (same as a diamond sword). It can't be crafted once again but can only be obtained by trading with a weapon smith.
The Scythe is surprisingly not a weapon, (sort of). The Scythe summons a friendly zombie when used. The zombie will get mad when players hit it. The friendly zombie kills most hostile mobs. You can obtain it by killing the Necromancer.
King Blazes Fireball:
King blazes fireball is a ranged weapon. When used it summons a short-ranged fireball which belongs to King Blaze. To obtain you need to kill a King Blaze.
Potion Of Blindness:
When consumed the player that consumed the potion will get the Blindness effect. There are three ways to get the Potion, 1st: Use a Eye of Ender as a Potion Ingredient. 2nd: Kill a Illusioner, 3rd: Find it in a chest in a Magic Tower.
Hmm Banana, Bananas increase around 1 and a half hunger.

Ruby Ore:

Ruby Ore doesn't currently have a use.

Bunch O' Bananas:
Bunch o' Bananas are found on banana trees and can be crafted into bananas.
Crystalized Oak:
Crystalized Oak is found on end trees.
Magic Tower:
Magic Towers are not that rare. They have two chest and two spawners (Pillager And Illusioner). They spawn in Taigas.
 Jungle Village:
                                                    NO IMAGE
Jungle villages are very very rare. They are of course found in jungles.
End Laboratory:
The End Laboratory is quite common. It spawns in the end, it has two spawners both with Brainiacs.
 End Tree/Crystalized Tree:
They are very very common (all over the end). They are found in the end of course.
Blaze Castle:
Blaze Castles are found in Crimson Forest. They have raw gold blocks and three blaze spawners. The Blaze Castle is also the home of the Blaze King.
Banana Tree:
Banana Trees are found in the jungle, They are short versions of jungle trees but have Bunch O' Bananas growing on them.


Double click the Mcaddon file when installed.

Supported Minecraft versions

  • 1.17 (beta)
  • 1.17.30
  • 1.17.11
  • (beta)
  • 1.17
  • 1.16.230 (beta)
  • 1.16.221



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