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Brick Set V1

Brick Set V1
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Hi there!Do Bricks now ignored by Minecrafters?Brick Block is a cool block but no longer used?Do you want something cool made out of bricks?So I present to you the...BRICK SET V1!

Well i made this addon for you so bricks will have more use!
First, we need to know how to make bricks.
First, you need to find Clay Blocks that can be found by Rivers or In the Seas then break it. Once broken , cook the clay.
There it is brick!
Or with the New Feature, craft 4 dirt to make clay dirt!
Once cooked it’ll become clay, cook it again to make bricks!
So let’s proceed to the Crafting

Brick Armor Recipe

Here are the Brick Armor recipes:
To craft you need all the bricks you can get, or actually just 24 bricks :)

Brick Helmet

Brick Chestplate

Brick Leggings

Brick Boots

Can’t explain this much because it’s just a normal armor, but can protect you full armor bar just like a diamond/netherite armor set.
Durability of the armor: 1000

Brick Tools

Here are the brick tools recipes:

Brick Sword

Brick Axe

Brick Pickaxe

Brick Shovel

Brick Hoe

Note: As I said, Can’t explain much because it just added some normal armor but can be alike of the vanilla armors. By the way, the damage of the tools are indicated in the photos.
Durability of all tools: 1000
Can be repaired by using bricks when broken, you can check it for yourself :)

Turn on the Experimentals to work :)

Compatible with 1.17 to 1.18 only

For PC/Mobile/Consoles and IOS.

We’ll end here for now! Not much of an addon but brings bricks more better! Thanks for downloading!


Just simply import the MCADDON FILE or Copy/Paste the Decompressed ZIP FILE on the games folder.
(Note: Please read the description, it’s very important)

Supported Minecraft versions

  • 1.17.30
  • 1.17.11
  • 1.17



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