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Batman Arkham Series Add-on

Batman Arkham Series Add-on
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This add-on brings the caped crusader to your very own Minecraft World with some of his fellow enemies and some of his sidekicks. As there are a lot of villains for Batman, So I added some of them. Hope you guys enjoy!!! 

The Batman Arkham Series Add-on has the following things :
Tools and Gadgets:
This is a bomb. Though it does not explode, it is a item used for crafting. It is expensive but can be used for a lot of purposes.
Grappling gun:
The major weapon used by Batman in almost everywhere. So it basically teleports you to place similar to the ender pearl but much more cooler and easier way. It is similar to a crossbow but can teleport you.
Big Batarang:
The Batarang which is big and is officially used in the Arkham Series game. It can be thrown and does a lot of damage. Just aim it and there you go.
Small Batarang:
Small Batarang because why not!!! This is a ranged weapon mostly used by Batman and can deal a nice amount of damage.
Obviously if there is super man there is kryptonite. Though it is hard to craft it is effective and deals with a high amount of damages on the entities. This can be used to craft a special weapon, the Kryptonite Sword.
Compact impact Grenade launcher:
Another powerful weapon in this add-on. Just shoot it and an explosions happens. This weapon is effective for a lot of boss fights.
Smoke Bomb:
This weapon can make the enemy blind. It basically gives a blindness effect on the entities.
Joker's card:
Joker's card is here and this is also a ranged weapon. This weapon can be thrown and joker himself shoots this card. Though not that strong but it is effective.
Kryptonite weapons:
Overpowered!!! This kryptonite Sword kills the enemies in one or two shots. It also gives some effects to you so you become overpowered against any entity.
Another weapon which is ranged. It shoots bullets and is very useful for the nearest entities.
An additional weapon added in this update. This is a ranged attack weapon and can be used for a nice amount of damage.
Freeze Gun:
This gun gives the enemy slowness.
The butler of Bruce Wayne. You can trade with him for good stuff. He is though not that cool.
The sidekick of Batman and will help you fight crime. He has a iron sword and is pretty strong enough.
Red hood: 
He also helps you to fight. He has a pistol and can shoot far enough.
Batman Beyond:
Though he is a good person and the grand son of Batman, he is a bit aggressive and will hit everyone including the sidekicks as he is from the future. He attacks the player if hurt by them.
Batgirl is here to join the sidekicks. She is similar to other sidekicks.
The clown Prince is here to fight the billionaire. This entity throws razor sharp cards 
This big guy can break Batman's spine. This entity is big and deals a lot of damage.
Someone who has the skills similar to Batman. He uses cool weapons and is another villain of Batman. 
Harley Quinn:
Sidekick of joker and just amazing. This lady is also similar to joker but has a melee attack. 
Clown thugs:
Guards of joker and gangsters of Gotham. They are easy to kill but if they are a lot they could be strong.
We have a big guy to fight with. This entity can be killed only through the Kryptonite Sword. He is a boss and is very big.
Additional details:
So I even added a new ore.  the other is kryptonite ore which is extremely rare. Money is common though. 
Kryptonite is rare that I could not find it. It usually spawns between 4 to 2. 
Super Man:
Alright, if there is kryptonite there should be Super Man so I added him. He can fly and is very strong. If hurt he also hits you back.
New weapons:
Nightwing stick:
New armors:
All armors gives you strength and effects.
Batman Arkham armor:
Batman armored suit:
Batman kryptonite suit:
Batman Classic Suit:
Batman Beyond Armor:
Batman (Movie) Armor:
Nightwing armor:
New mobs:
Arkham Knight: Jason Todd's different identity.
Nightwing: The first robin of Batman. Nightwing is one of the most skilled fighters of the bat family.
The Killer Croc: The big guy who lives in the gutter ad he is thought to be a monster. Soon he grew up to be monster.
The Penguin: The mafia of Arkham city, penguin spawns with his henchmen being a bit of threat to The Batman.
Penguin's Henchman: These guys have guns and spawn randomly in your world.
The catwoman:
 The thief of Arkham, Cat Woman is also the teammate of the Batman sometimes.
The Scarecrow: Scarecrow gives you nausea when he hits an opponent.
Batman(Thomas Wayne): in a alternative universe, Bruce Wayne was shot instead of his parents. That shock made his mother mental turning her into the joker. To save her and Gotham city he turned himself into the Batman.
Mr Freeze: he will freeze everything.
Poison ivy: The plant queen will make the world green.


This could work in a already created world but prefer you to follow the following by creating a new world.
Turn on experimental gameplay before you on anything and then only on the resource and behavior pack. Don't keep any name or seed for the world as it might glitch. If it doesn't work you can retry and then it should work.

Supported Minecraft versions

  • 1.17.30
  • 1.17.11
  • (beta)
  • 1.17



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