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So Much More Biomes

So Much More Biomes
Addons for Minecraft PE
So Much More Biomes is an add-on that will add to the game 30+ biomes for you to explore! This add-on is based on Biomes O' Plenty so the biomes are designed to look as like the original mod as possible.


So Much More Biomes add a total of 32 biomes with many varieties, such as wet biomes like Bayou, hot biomes like Xeric Shrubland, or even a dead biome like Wasteland. These biomes can contain custom trees that I made, it isn't a structure so those trees will have a random shape. This add-on took me 7 months to finish. Also, this was the first add-on, so you shouldn't expect too much.


  • This may not work very well on low-end devices.
  • May not work with other world generation add-on.
  • You shouldn't use on existing worlds, create a new one instead.





Boreal Forest


Coniferous Forest

Eucalyptus Forest




Land of Lakes




Overgrown Cliffs

Pine Mountain


Redwood Forest


Snowy Coniferous Forest

Temperate Rainforest

Tropical Rainforest



Xeric Shrubland


Dense Woodland (Woodland)

Fir Clearing (Coniferous Forest)

Flower Meadow (Meadow)

Gravel Beach

Snowy Fir Clearing (Snowy Coniferous Forest)

Stony Pine Mountain (Pine Mountain)

Wheat Field (Prairie)

-Known Issues-

  • Foliage colors are not correct on some devices.
  • Custom biomes won't work if the "Caves and Cliffs" experimental toggle is turned on.
  • Sometimes the tree will get chunk border cuts.
  • If you have already applied the pack to the world and it's not working, try to create a new world.
"Creation of Custom Biomes" experimental toggle need to be turned on!
Works on versions 1.16.100 and above.


1. Click on download link.
2. Verify you aren't a robot.
3. Click the "Free Access with Ads" button.
4. Click the "Discover Interesting articles", wait 10 seconds and click the "x" button at the corner to close.
5. Click the "Continue" button, it will redirect you to Mediafire and now you can download the add-on.
6. After that, you import the add-on into your game.
7. When creating a new world, find the "Behavior Packs" option and apply the add-on.
Don't forget to turn on the "Creation of Custom Biomes" experimental toggle.

Supported Minecraft versions

  • 1.17
  • 1.16.100



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