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End Moss Addon

End Moss Addon
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Have you wanted more types of moss? This addon adds end moss which works similar to regular moss and adds various other end plants like fungus, grass and wheat to liven up the end a little.

End Fertilizer

Use: used to grow patches of end moss, end fungus into large end mushroom and end sprouts into end wheat
Crafting: 1 Enderpearl +1 Chorus Fruit + 1 Bonemeal 


End Moss

Use: When interacted with end fertilizer will grow and turn some Endstone near it to end moss. Also has a chance of growing the following plants on it:
-End Moss Carpet
-End Sprouts
-End Grass
-End Fungus
-Odd Lettuce

End Moss Carpet

Crafting: 2 End Moss
Use: Decoration



End Grass

End grass has 3 different sizes
Use: Has a 20% chance of dropping end wheat seeds



End Sprouts

Placed with End Wheat Seeds
Use: When interacted with end fertilizer grows into end wheat

End wheat

Use: Drops End Wheat, end wheat can be crafted into end cookies, end bread and end wheat bale

End Bread

Crafting: 3 End Wheat
Use: Similar to Chorus Fruit, when eaten it will teleport you randomly in a 20 block radius and will restore 7 hunger

End Cookie

Crafting: 1 End Wheat + 2 Sugar
Use: When eaten it will teleport you randomly in a 4 block radius

End Wheat Bale

Crafting: 9 End Wheat
Use: Decoration



Placed with Oddshroom Spores
Use: Works similar to a bush, when it grows to full size (has spores on it) you can interact with it to get Oddshroom spores. Oddshroom Spores can be used for crafting Odd Lamps.

Odd Lamp

Crafting: 8 Oddshroom spores + 1 Lantern
Use: light source and decoration

End Fungus

Use: When interacted with End Fertilizer grows into a large end mushroom 

Ender End Fungus

I am not going to tell you how to get it. Here is a clue: purple, fungus and end. The fungus works like the other end fungus.


Moss along with other end plants can be found in the end looking somewhat like this.



Demo Chest

Not obtainable in survival
Use: When Placed Creates a chest with all the items from the addon.(works a little weird) 
Known issues:
-Placing blocks on blocks that can be interacted with end fertilizer requires you to crouch
-Using pickblock will not work on most the plants this has to do with me changing blocks dropping items with silk touch


Turn on these experimental features or the addon may not work (also make sure your in 1.17 or higher)

Supported Minecraft versions

  • 1.17



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