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Tesoro Classical Architecture Set Add-On (Roman & Greek Architecture Set v.1.0)

Tesoro Classical Architecture Set Add-On (Roman & Greek Architecture Set v.1.0)
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Looking for Blocks to spice up your worlds and builds, Try Tesoro Classical Architecture Set! This Set contains multiple Architecture Styles that falls under a Classical Theme. This version contains 2 Architecture Styles Roman & Greek Architecture.

Hi im JohnT, solo creator of this Add-on, This Add-on focuses on Classical Themed Creative Building, though this Add-on is planned to be Survival-Compatible. This Add-On is still not complete nor is halfway through, thus updates are still to come in the coming weeks or months, This means more blocks and variants are to come, and also furnitures are to come soon.
I plan to add not only Classical Architecture but also Asian Architecture( Chinese, Indian, etc.) & Medieval Architecture.

Some blocks that are in the Add-on:

 Columns: There are currently 2 types of columns in the addon each having different sizes, the images below are circular size 3   columns. These are  Limestone & Darkstone Fluted Marble Columns with a Tuscan Capital. Looking up will place the column capital and looking down will place the column base.
 Capitals: Columns are customizable with these capitals, The column capitals have sizes correspondingly to the columns.
 Balusters: Balusters and Stair Balusters with Pedestals type 1. The stair balusters have identical block placement as the columns (looking up and down).
Curtains: There are currently 12 colors available, Upcoming updates will add more colors and decorated curtains. Place one above/below another and it will update automatically.
 Entablatures: There are currently 2 types available on the add-on, upcoming updates will bring more types and designs. This is Entablature Type 1.
 Pediments: These blocks have limited size, upcoming updates might bring more sizes, types and designs. These are Broken Type2 Pediment, Decorated Pointed Pediment and Segmental Pediment.
 Arches: There 4 types of Arches and 4 sizes, but not all have yet the sizes, upcoming updates will add more types,sizes and desgins. This are Plain Arches Size 4 (4 blocks Span).
 And Tons more of Blocks and other more! so download now.

Some builds that i've made with the blocks corresponding to the theme.



  /structure load lists ~ ~ ~


ATTENTION! The add-on's texture shifts by a pixel ultimately ruining some blocks, the cause of this could either be low-spec devices or bug [MCPE-104872], either way the add-on is still playable.



Turn On these Toggles.

Supported Minecraft versions

  • 1.16.100



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