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Villager Soldier Version 5 ILLAGER EMPIRE

Villager Soldier Version 5 ILLAGER EMPIRE
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Villager Soldier has experienced 3 important periods of war between both factions, Villager and Illager in the Minecraft world.  This period will open a new step for both sides. This addon will change the normal survival gameplay of minecraft.  It will be harder and more RPG and tactical.


Age of Great War:

Increasing war and tension between 2 factions in the Minecraft world. This great war is getting tougher and more dangerous. With that danger, both sides wanted to end the war with an overwhelming victory for the other side. Both are in an arms race to gain an advantage before the war. During this period, the villager faction has been helped by the player and has improved its army into an elite army instead of militia soldiers. A strong and unified army overpowered the illager's advantage. Faced with that situation, the illager faction invented a new weapon, the rocket booster. They have enhanced it with more destructive power and incendiary and fired from a crossbow (an improved version of its fireworks).


After many years of fighting, the illager faction stepped up the sweeping campaigns, causing the villagers to fail in many campaigns. The Villager faction suffered a heavy defeat, so the illager faction expanded the area and patrolled more often. Cannon technology is developed.

Details of this era:

The Illager faction:

Pillager Ranged Rocket:

This is a force of soldiers with rocket booster technology of the illager army. When the target is far away, he will fire rocket bullets at the enemy with the same explosion as creeper and burn the targets hit (which does not break the block).
  • Health: 50.
  • Movement Speed: Normal.
  • Technology: rocket booster.
  • Skill: when near, will shoot normal arrows.

Ice illager:

Ice illager is an ice-type illager that summons ice cubes that fall from above with great explosive power. His self-defence attack is snow palm when there is a nearby target.
❤️ Health: 20.
? Movement speed: normal.
? Attack form: summon an ice cube from above to fall on the target to cause an explosion.
? Self-Defense Attack: Snow Palm.
❄️ Place of spawn: cold area with snow and ice.
⚒️ Dropped items: ice stick, ice heart.

Pillager small cannon:

This is the new artillery unit of the illager faction, they carry a light artillery vehicle made from bamboo capable of firing small shells with medium explosive damage.
❤️ Health: 50.
? Movement speed: normal.
? Attack: small shells.
? Range: 60.
? Spawn place: jungle.

Villagers Faction:

Due to the failure of the campaigns, the player has improved the technology for the Villager faction to withstand the illager faction during these difficult times.

Troop upgrade

Soldier Sword:

This is a mobile sword unit upgraded from Villager Sword. He wields a powerful enchanted diamond sword and durable health will make a good soldier on the battlefield. He will follow the player if the player gives him 1 emerald.
  • Health: 50.
  • Damage: 4 + Sword Diamond (sharp iron 4 to 5 ).
  • Running speed: pretty fast.
  • Can be tamed with emeralds.

Villager Soldier Crossbow:

This is a crossbow-wielding warrior, can shoot through crossbows and recharges quite quickly. This is an elite ranged soldier who can shoot quite far and penetrate and is quite beefy. Especially when you give him fireworks, he will switch to rocket fire like the illager faction.
  • Health: 40.
  • Movement speed: pretty fast.
  • Ability:
  1. Shoot piercing arrows.
  2. Fire rockets (when the player gives him rockets).

Villager Knight:

This is a special army upgraded from Villager Soldier, Cattle, mobility, high damage are the advantages of this special army. With the new weapon he will be able to fight with 2 different stances of stabbing and slashing (only stabbing and always slashing).
  • Health: 70
  • Running speed: normal.
  • Damage: (will randomize 2 positions when the knight appears and 1 knight will only use 1 random position).
  1. Stab: 7
  2. Slash: 9

Villager Guard with Horse:

This is a light cavalry with weak armor and low damage. Appears only in the village and cannot give villagers cavalry service. Cavalry will appear naturally in the village, as long as it is a village, there will be cavalry. Cavalry can be tamed with emeralds.

Villager Knight with Horse:

This is a heavy cavalry equipped with heavy armor and weapons with high survivability and great damage in combat. Heavy cavalry can hit the ravager level.
  • Health: 150.
  • Damage: 17 (slow effect).
  • Running speed like light cavalry.

Crossbow Stand:

This is the new technology of the villager faction. It will be a powerful assistant in the goalkeeping. It has a slow rate of fire but high damage and shoots through multiple enemies if they stand in a line.


Villager with heavy crossbow:

This is a giant crossbow that only villagers can use. A giant crossbow has the ability to shoot far and high damage. The crossbow can pierce many targets.
❤️ Health: 80.
? Movement speed: slow.
? Attack: giant arrow with 40 to 60 damage.
? Range: 100.

Item update up to Villager with heavy crossbow:


This is a 2 barrel cannon, created by the player. Has the ability to fire 2 fireworks continuously but cannot move.

How to use: 

?️ How to make:

Horse car:

This is a horse-drawn carriage, capable of carrying both the player and the villagers.

⚙️ How to use: 

?Item need for up to: 

New items:

Ice steel: 

Ice weapon: 

This is an ice weapon, when hit will slow down the opponent, Can summon falling ice like ice illager.

Soldier Armor:





Soldier upgrade items:

Knight Armor:

Soldier Armor (For villgaer): 


This is a medium damage heavy weapon for Villager. Players can use.

Knight update set:

Soldier Sword update set:

Soldier Crossbow update set:


Soldier Summoning Kit:

This is the tool used to summon the villagersoldier. Only 5 sets 1 stack and 1 summon 3 minions. Villagersoldier when summoned can be tamed and not traded to the player. Can only be purchased in the Villagersoldier exchange board.

Modifications in Version 4:

Lootbox system:

These are loot boxes that will randomize any item (with a limit) these loot boxes will replace some chests in old buildings (if playing old maps of places where the world has loaded and buildings will not be replaced, yes. until the world has not loaded, it will change) there are 2 types of boxes: normal boxes and genuine boxes, normal boxes will beat a bit faster than genuine boxes. You won't be able to tell by looking. Creations obtained by command do not appear in the creative inventory.

New projects:


Video of a raid in Version 4:



Supported Minecraft versions

  • 1.17.30
  • 1.17.11
  • 1.17



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